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Post a Comment No comments that use abusive or vulgar language or point out that a character is Not Wearing a Sign. I was 14 years old when Barney Miller premiered, and I had never seen anyone so gorgeous in my life. Handsome face. Square hands jutting out of his cuffs. Poured into that s suit. Bulges everywhere. On October 22, , he goes undercover with Lt.

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Max Gail on Hal Linden

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Max Gail at the ABC Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, attend panel discussion for "Sons & Daughters." Max Gail, William Devane and guest at the ABC Winter Press Tour All Star Party. Max Gail at the premiere for "Boynton Beach Club.". 8 records for Max Gail. Find Max Gail's phone, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory. Free Pictures of Max Gail. Click here to see them > Trivia. Max runs his own production company, Full Circle, which has done documentaries on such things as Agent Orange, Native Americans, and nuclear issues. MAX GAIL Main Links: Max Gail. Top Naked Celebs Blog: Search Celebrity.

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I'd take those guys over the waxed, shaved and carved out of stone types anyday. I wonder if he's wearing underwear under those shorts in the video.

Probably not. Last night my partner and I went to a Retro Disco fundraiser, and I was again struck by how sexy the clothing in the '70s was. Fabrics aside, it was a major turn on to see men's chests, butts and bulges front and center again. And it felt great! Not sexualized, really OK, maybe a little bit but more than that it was just I once had a dream that Max and his "Barney Miller" co-star Ron Glass at right in the linked photo had been lovers for a brief time in the 70s and both longed for each other in the present day.

I made like Emma Woodhouse and manipulated them into rekindling their romance. Even though it was all a figment of my twisted subconscious, I still get really happy when I think of either of them. Yes, I think that's Caroline as the wife.

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Even the cinematography has that old gay porn look. Be clean Mr. Chung Ho like clean men. I kept waiting for Jack Wrangler to walk up in back of Max and drag him off to the bushes. Battle of the Network Stars is so funny.

Max gail nude

Ladies and gentleman, actors doing sports! First we have Marty small-time criminal and his "friend" Mr. Driscoll is having problems with custody issues with his son. Watching Wojo trying to wrap his mind around the idea that a gay man could have a son is quite wonderful. Very 70's. And then there is Vitelli, the gay cop who is outed by Wojo. Turns out Vitelli has friends in high places and ends up getting promoted instead of getting kicked off the force.

Thanks for posting this, OP.

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I had done searches for "The Aliens are Coming" miniseries on Youtube before to no avail. The barechested Max scene I believe is only in the miniseries version and not the edited 2-hour TV movie version. Although I could have sworn he had been washing a car in a pair of cut-offs in that scene.

Youthful wishful thinking I guess I used to watch every ep of Barney Miller, just because I was in love with Wojo. When I was alone, I'd kiss the tv screen lol.

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Another 80's hottie. Back in the early 's, Max Gail played a gay art dealer in the Wild West in the tv movie "Sodbusters". He had the hots for the hot black blacksmith. He always plays refined characters, somewhat effete, and the man has never been married.

I used to beat-off at age 12 thinking about his meaty, manly ass and muscles. I bet he used to fuck Hal Linden with his beercan cock.

Max gail homosexual

R51, there's one episode where Wojo is at home. We see him wearing a robe but it's open and we get a good view of his hairy chest.

The episode dealt with one of Wojo's girlfriends. I'm not sure it's the girlfriend who is a former hooker.

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R40, he did a movie sometime in the early 70's where he was nude. You not only saw Mr. Johnson, you saw the the well Baby Jessica fell down in. These two hunks, max gail and Martin Kove were and still are my male ideals, GOD I used to jerk off to them so many times when young. It was clear that Freddie Dryer hated underwear much like Jon Hamm.

Whenever Fred wore jeans, you could clearly tell which side he decided to tuck on for the day. Lol, check out the loving closeup of Matt Houston's bulge with "Chariots of Fire" playing in the background at There must have been a lot of gay tv directors back in the day.

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It is hilarious isn't it, R68? This is a great thread. I can remember watching Barney Miller and focusing on Wojo. There are a couple of episodes where its pretty evident he didn't wear underware under those tight double knits. One scene in particular is burned in my memory where you could see the outline of his cock head and all. Ahhh, those were the days. OP, we owe you, best thread in months, just thinking about Max has put me en heat, I need a Max,now!!!!

R75, If I remember correctly it was the episode where Wojo's girlfriend makes the pot laced brownies. Wojo, Harris, Yemana and Fish all eat them.

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Max was cute with his hair cropped short, but when he grew it out long while still thin on top it was an epic fail and he looked ridiculous. I saw him in a movie the other day - "Where Are the Children? Back in the day, I'd've liked for him to grab hold of me, throw me down on the floor and pin me with his big muscular legs as he kissed me until I could barely breath.

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Then he'd take his clothes off, rip mine off of me and then I like all these posts about Max Gail as I thought I was the only one who wanted to screw him-I had little idea he was so "appreciated" and I wonder if he's seen all these posts.

Well, in hopes he does read them here's one more: my fantasy is to take a sturdy fraternity paddle and have at that ass of his until he moans owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww-this would work best with him in a cowboy outfit with the wide open shirt significant of the wide open guy or maybe a cop uniform in keeping with the Barney Miller idea. Then after his ample cheeks had been ravaged sufficiently with the lickin stick he'd get greased up and plowed-those asscheeks would provide alot of cushion to the pushin and I'd do my best to squash them flat I was a set extra on Barney Miller back in the 70s.

I also took classes at the Lois Nettleton acting school. On Barney, I usually played a juvenile delinquent being brought in by one of the cops.

I even got to say a line once on the episode where Wojo dates the ex-hooker. The cast was relatively friendly, if a little too into themselves. One night I was alone on the soundstage after everyone had left, contemplating my future as an actor.

I pulled out my flask of vodka and began to drink from it, getting a bit tipsy. I was thinking that I was all alone when suddenly I thought I heard a noise from behind one of the set walls. A rat, perhaps? Thinking it was a rat, I went back to my faux soliloquy when suddenly I heard pounding footsteps behind me. Before I could turn around, I was tackled and thrown to the floor.

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As I struggled in the dark, I tried to see who it was when I felt a furry object fall onto my face. But he was too strong for me and his massive hands began to rip my t-shirt into shreds. I went limp from shock and simply gave up as his meaty, naked body covered mine, and he squeezed me in bear hug as his tongue roughly probed me ear.

He sounded insane. I remember the strong scent of mansweat and Old Spice. My Fruit of the Looms were like cheap pieces of paper in his hands as he ripped them from my firm, but quivering loins. He violently lifted my legs up over his shoulders.

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