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This narrow street has bars, restaurants, shops, massage, tour companies, street food, guest houses and more. This is the number one place on Koh Lipe to eat, drink, relax and party at night. This guide will show you the location of Koh Lipe Walking Street, and recommend three great restaurants and bars. There are several ways to access Koh Lipe Walking Street. This video is a walk from the Pattay Beach entrance along Walking Street in low season, and the map below shows the two entrances to Walking Street. There are so many great bars and restaurants on Walking Street that it would be impossible to list them all. However, what we can do is give a few recommendations based on our own experience.

Western, Italian, Indian, vegetarian, and Halal options make Koh Lipe a gourmet destination similar to other tourist destinations in Thailand. You can find cool bars at all the beaches in Koh Lipe. The most notable waterng holes are the following:. The bars and venues mentioned above are just a few examples of what you can find at Koh Lipe in the matter of night entertainment. Convenience stores and mini-marts are available so you can purchase snacks, drinks, suntan cream, batteries and other small things that you may need during your holiday.

Handicraft souvenirs and handmade jewellery are also available at Koh Lipe. Snorkelling and scuba diving are the most notable activities to practice at and around Koh Lipe. For snorkelling, it is even easier; you can rent the equipment in shops along the beaches and go straight from the shore: there are superb coral reefs just a few metres away waiting to be explored.

Sea Kayaking and sailing are also available on Koh Lipe. On land, you can trek all around the island - it takes roughly one hour - and discover the lush tropical vegetation and its fauna at your pace. Trekking in Koh Lipe also gives you a chance to reach small beaches which will make you feel like Robinson Crusoe. And after all these strenuous activities, why not indulge yourself with a Thai massage?

In low season, there is only one boat assuring the transfer between Koh Lipe and the continent: the ferry from Pakbara. There are no cars and just a few motorbikes on Koh Lipe, so getting around can only be done by foot. Island-hopping is recommended by long-tail or speedboat.

Koh Lipe Beaches

The size of the island makes it easy to walk around. Duration 4h. USD 60 per adult. Duration 4h 30m. USD 31 per adult. Duration 9h Free cancellation. USD 24 per adult. I like right near the Thousand Island Lake. You will always get better rates flying into Bangkok first.

Thanks in advance for your help! That is a great route, the first time we visited Koh Lipe was from Langkawi as well. Check the Thai embassy website to check you nationality rules. When you leave Langkawi you go to immigration before getting on the ferry. When you land on Koh Lipe you go to immigration there and they stamp you into Thailand.

For us Americans, we are given 30 days visa on arrival for free. My kids will be around 11 month, and my oldest 3-almost 4. Do you recommend salisa as a place to stay with small children? And do you think the ferry using 6 hours is better than the speed boat that use 3 hours? High season. You kids will have playmates at Salisa. Safe travels and enjoy Koh Lipe. Thanks for all of the good info! My husband and I are flying to Bangkok and will arrive on December We were planning on leaving Bangkok on Jan 1 and heading out to the islands.

What would be our best mode of transport to those island and making our way back to Bangkok? How much time would you spend on each of those islands considering we take our flight back to the U.

Please feel free to make any other island suggestions. You may want to skip Samui honestly. We usually spend a week there.

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I would do 3 nights in Bangkok see our guide for that5 nights in Lipe, and 5 nights in Samui. My boyfriend and I are travelling to the western islands of Thailand for 2 weeks at the beginning of December and love the look of Koh Lipe!

We are worried though with how much time it will take us to ferry from Koh Lanta 6 hours both ways and us only have a 2 week total. Do you think taking two days to travel south is worth the trip down here?

Additionally, I read online that there are speedboats that can get you there in 3 hours? Have you tried this before? Just curious why would you be ferrying round trip to Koh Lanta?

Your website is the reason we were able to book our honeymoon to Thailand. We had a few questions: 1. Do you think this is the best travel option still? Is there any hotel you would recommend in Hat Ya? Is there anything we should do while we are in Hat Ya for the day? Glad we could help planning a little part of your honeymoon! If your itinerary is already set I would not change all plans for Air Asia.

There are other ways to get to Koh Lipe in Just one day and a night in Hat Yai would honestly be somewhat of a wasted day.

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I would look at another airline like Thai Airways, they have hourly connections to Bangkok and from Bangkok, you should be able to get to Hat Yai easily. It will not be as smooth of a day, but getting all your traveling done in one day is always better than spreading it out over two days. They may not sell their transport to Koh Lipe service on this route, but it is easy to arrange at the airport in Hat Yai too. You can find the shuttle counter when you arrive into Hat Yai to take you to Pakbara Pier and at the pier, you can buy your ferry tickets.

It can be done pretty easily. If I were you this is what I would do - Hope you have an amazing trip! Thanks for your advice. When we looked at the ferry schedule we noticed departing times at and So if we land in Hat Yai atwhich ferry should we book taking into account the time it takes to get from the airport to Pak Bara? I would probably say the ferry to be safe. The shuttle is about an hour and a half, so theoretically you might make thebut it would be cutting it close.

You could also wait to book the ferry until you are at the dock. Have fun in Koh Lipe! The corals look amazingly beautiful! If you are a diver you are going to love diving in Koh Lipe it is out of this world. After diving head back to one of the fun beach bars in Koh Lipe. It is our favorite place in the world. HI thank you so much for such a wonderful blog!! I am taking my kids first time overseas and thailand and Koh Lipe was a must on our list.

We are going first week of December and just 2 questions for now: 1. Do you think we must order speedboat tickets online from Jolly Travel before leaving?. They do not get a good review on blueridgehomefashionsinc.com, but I want to leave pakbara 9. Is speedboats normally quickly filled? Family of 5, so private longtail boat will be our preferred method of exploring islands and do some snorkelling.

Again, do you think we will be able to ge a boat once we are on Lipe? Hopefully not to busy early December!!

What an amazing first trip for your kids. They are going to high expectations after traveling to Thailand and visiting Koh Lipe. We always buy the AirAsia package that includes our flights, shuttle, and tickets. You could wait to get them the day off yes, are you just getting a shuttle to the Pak Bara pier? All the ferry boats are the same no one is better than the other. You can book the longtail boat in person just go to sunrise beach and there is a water taxi stand with guys negotiate a full day price and they will bring you where all the other tours go but at your pace.

Jan 04, Set in a beautiful and tranquil sanctuary on the spectacular Koh Phangan Island is yet another unofficial nude beaches in Thailand, where you can spend a few hours, sunbathing topless. On a lucky day, you can get away with some blueridgehomefashionsinc.com: Mayur Wadhwani. Koh Lipe is a small L-shaped island located in the southern Thailand's Satun Province near the Thailand/Malaysia border. It belongs to the Adang-Rawi Archipelago, situated on the outskirts of the Tarutao National Marine Park. Originally only inhabited by Sea Gypsies, the Chao Ley who gave the. Koh Lanta Nightlife Overview. Before I go into the (limited) selection of places to meet girls on Koh Lanta I think it's a good idea to give you a rough overview on where the main nightlife hot spots are found. Koh Lanta is actually divided into two separate islands: Koh Lanta Noi (noi = little) and Koh .

What hotel in Koh Lipe are you staying at? Great info on Thailand!!!. I know, not long enough. Planning to say 3 nights at Ritz Carlton and then ferry to Koh Lipe and stay for two nights. I know! Lots in short period of time. Couple questionsshould we just plan for 2 nights in Langkawi and 3 in Koh Lipe?

Is the speedboat the best and fastest way to Phuket? Seems like it. Sounds like you have an amazing trip planned to Asia. I would do 2 nights in Langkawi and 3 in Koh Lipe for sure. The water in Langkawi is nothing compared to Lipe. Where are you staying in Lipe? Is there a reason why you want to go to Phuket? Are you spending any time in Bangkok or Singapore? They are both great cities to explore. Your only other option to Phuket would be fly from Hat Yai but I think the boat would be faster.

Hannah - thank you so much again.


We are staying at Ten Moons per your suggestion but only for 2 nights. I agree with you re: Phuket and I have been there twicebut William boyfriend has never been and wanted to be there for November full moon lantern eventwe decided to take the speed boat from Koh Lipe to Phuket. We are not visiting Bangkok this time.

How rough is the water and how big is the ferry? My partner is very prone to seasickness. The sea varies day to day, I would def take a seasickness pill. Let us know if you have any other Koh Lipe questions. Hannah, my husband and I and our 2 boys will be in Thailand this July. We plan on flying into phuket. Depending on weather will determine what we will do in that area.

We also want to island hop to Ko samuie or ko pha ngan. We have about 10 days. What would you recommend? Thank you. In July the ferry service is limited to the islands in Thailand and varies which islands you are looking at. If you are wanting to travel to Koh Lipe the only way is from Pak Bara, there are no other ferry options.

From Phuket you can fly to Koh Samui and that would be the easiest. Great post! Did you see a lot of companies offering this stuff at the airport? So jealous you are going to Koh Lipe next week. You can book the transport at the Hat Yai Airport. You can buy the shuttle to just the pier and then pick your ferry company once you get to the pier. There are several travel agencies in Paka Bara that sell the ferry tickets, the prices are almost all the same.

Hi, We were in Koh Lipe during the first week of April We adored the island. A really nice combo of being quaint and not over-developed, but with plenty enough things to do and places to eat and drink. Excellent food pretty much everywhere, beautiful beaches and a pretty cool vibe. Motorcycle taxis take you anywhere for 50 Baht per person, so these are a great option if your accommodation is not close to Walking Street.

I agree with the authors of this site; Sunrise Beach Restaurant is fab. Make a point of going there. Terrific staff and a great experience. Koh Lipe will not let you down. Get yourselves there as soon as you can. Glad you loved Koh Life as much as we do! It is very easy to arrange transport on the island or online in advance.

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We agree Koh Life will not let you down! Thailand is amazing, it is one of our favorite places in the world.

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Craving some good Thai food and a massage lol. I was wondering what you suggest for getting from Koh Lipe to Chiang Mai? It seems like flights are at 9am and it would prove difficult to get to the airport that early.

Also, your website is amazing! I look here all the time and just dream. Congrats on the Honeymoon, Thailand is a great option!

Also, you might want to hold off on booking that flight, some air carriers only sell flights 6 months or sometimes less in advance. There may be more options if you wait a little longer to book that leg.

I just ran a quick Skyscanner check using October dates and there are many flights leaving Hat Yai after 1pm or later. Most connect in Bangkok, but would be a good option. Hope that helps, if you have more questions let us know, and happy planning! However, I am wondering if it is the right season to visit? Will all the water sports be available? What types of water sports are you looking at doing?

The long tail boats and snorkeling will still be going on. If the seas are really bad they will cancel them.

Koh Lipe offers amazing beach holiday adventure for any traveler. The island has three beautiful beaches. If you are in Langkawi then the easiest way to get to the Koh Lipe Island is by use of a ferry. Great review. I was looking for a nice place in Thailand to go diving but was becoming really put off by videos and articles about Phuket and Phi Phi.

They all looked over crowded with drunk somethings blasting trance music until 5am. Luckily I kept searching and ran across reviews about Koh Lipe like yours that changed my mind. Wake, dive, eat, drink, sleep, repeat. If you would like any ates of specific areas or establishments Let me know. Again, great review. Thanks and glad you found Koh Lipe. Hope you love Lipe as much as we do, safe travels! Make not you will have to go through immigration before getting on the boat.

Great post. Quick question regarding credit card scamming: to the best of your knowledge, does it happen? Cheers, Phil. Glad we could help give you all the information about Koh Lipe you were looking for. Of course, credit card skimming can happen anywhere in the world.

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I would be more worried about ATM machines having machines to grab your numbers. Most places in Koh Lipe will be cash only except the fancy restaurants and those usually will bring a card reader to the table.

What Koh Lipe hotel are you staying at? Let us know if you have any other Thailand travel questions. Are you going to be in Thailand for Songkran? Safe travels to Koh Lipe.

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Is the package still avaiable? For the destination, you have to enter LIPE. Let me know when you find it and if you have any other Koh Lipe questions. Safe travels to Thailand. What a nice and informative article about Koh Lipe. So your sharing helps me a lot. There are many choices where to stay and for the activities to do.

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Beaches in your pictures seems awesome. Thanks for your sharing.

Koh Lipe is the southernmost island in Thailand, and a true little paradise. Well, the word "little" may not be quite appropriate here - yes, the island itself is only about 3km long, means you can walk all over the place and see everything in one day, but a trip to Koh Lipe is much more than just about relaxing and taking selfies on the beach. I was planning to stay for two days on Koh Lipe and I ended up pulling a gigantic effort into finally leaving after four. I have heard of worst cases. Some people arrived for a week and stayed for six months or even six years. This island seems to have a huge magnet buried in its white sand. Koh Lipe, which is Paper Island in the Chao Lay dialect, is lying in the sun on Thailand's Western. Koh Lipe Walking Street is the main place to go on the island for nightlife. This narrow street has bars, restaurants, shops, massage, tour companies, street food, guest houses and more. This is the number one place on Koh Lipe to eat, drink, relax and party at night.

I stayed in Thailand for 6 months when I was travelling in and never even knew this place existed! Looking at all your travel info that seems doable?

Your plan sounds great that is all very doable, we wish we were coming with you! The only thing I might change personally is maybe cut one destination to enjoy more time in each place.

The destination I would cut is Langkawi. We enjoy the smaller islands around Phuket much more, like Koh Phi Phi or even smaller islands around there. Thanks Adam. We always just go to the boat taxi stand right on Sunrise Beach all these details in this post the day of and negitotate where we want to go and the price. Thanks for sharing hannah I would love your letters pics and stories abt lipe.

Koh lipe nude

Thanks for your comment. We love Northern Thailand. We rented a car once and did a road trip and we visited Chiang Rai but we have never made the trip to Pai. I am glad our Koh Lipe guide could help plan your long Thailand island trip and Koh Lipe is worth at least 4 nights. The longer the better in Koh Lipe we usually stay a week at a time.

This is a wonderful guide, thanks a lot! My husband and I are going to Thailand from Or can one still find a peaceful spot on the beach? Glad we could help your trip to Koh Lipe be as epic as possible. So wife and I are going here in October guys. We booked the Ten Moons resort. It was the best option for the price. I also had a free night pending with hotels. Bit high for our budget but you gave it good reviews so hopefully will be worth it.

The ride back to the mainland seems to be always bumpier in the times we have taken it from Pak Bara, but it could have been the conditions of the day or the tides. Safe Travels and enjoy Koh Lipe! Great job! How many days would you recommend staying there? Hey guys! Great reviews! Where are you staying? One question, is it bad for mosquitos and what innoculations do i need, i couldnt find anything about that on here or the other info page which helped me decide to go and see this place.

Glad we could answer your Koh Lipe Thailand questions. Looks like an amazing place. Koh Lipe is an amazing place and you will be blown away. Safe travel to Koh Lipe. Thank you for your reply! Would you know if this was a safe and reputable way to travel? Thank you for your time! A friend and I are going to Thailand the last week of August and first week of September and trying to confirm plans, etc.

How would you suggest the best order and methods of transportation to visit both places during the low season? Also, are the day trips an option during this season?

I appreciate all tips and suggestions and thank you for the time and effort you took to compile all these details! Hope you love Koh Lipe as much as we do. The only way to get to Koh Lipe during that time is from Pak Bara. The price will include your transportation all the way to the island and it works out to the be the same price as if you booked everything separately. What order you go depends on how you want to start and end your trip. This is great to know! How would you suggest is the best way to travel from Lipe to Railei Beach?

Do you know if a taxi is a safe, reputable way to travel between the two? What would you suggest? Thank you again! Your blog and details are much appreciated! When are you visiting? Hi, so glad that i came to this website.

Great insights about the island. Planning a trip to Koh Lipe in November this year. Would like to know a few things though. May I know if the program 1 day trip is worth it? What kind of things should i expect to see and do from that program? And would it be even more worth it to hire a private long tail boat to have a more private experience of the day trip? Also would like to know, if comparing the beach views between Sunrise and Pattaya, which is most likely to have less longtail boats in the month of November?

Personally, I think the private boats in Koh Lipe are better if you are a group of two or more because then you are completely on your own schedule and time.

Program one goes to a lot of good sites, but it is the most popular tour and can get busy. I like Program 2 a little bit better because it goes to the further away islands, but they are both really good. Hope that helps, but if you have any more questions on Koh Lipe let us know!

Just wondering about the weather and the crowds during late November. What are the possibilities of having rainy days during that time of the year? I understand November is the beginning of high season for Koh Lipe but is it super crowded during that month? Koh Lipe should not be very crowded yet. The south of Thailand can experience rains during this time of the year, but it should be at the tail end of rainy season, however, the last year was a very strange year with rains carrying into the normally dry months.

We were there on December 1st in and had decent weather. I think it rained heavily two days in the two weeks we were there. There were some cloudy days and scattered rains, but still enjoyable. The water is usually calm on all of the beaches, but depending on winds can be slightly higher on sunrise in November, but the boat traffic is much less on Sunrise.

Pattaya is nice too, just more boat traffic. Enjoy your time in Lipe! Safe Travels. My husband and I bought our plane tickets to Thailand for a belated honeymoon and your blog has convinced us that we must make Lipe a big part of our trip even thought it might mean missing Chiang Mai on this trip.

We are trying to decide how many of those days to do in Bangkok and how many to do in Lipe, what would you suggest? Sadly Salisa is all booked, but we are thinking if we end up doing 4 nights that we may splurge on 2 nights at Serendipity and 2 at a more rustic location. Did you end up doing Program 1 or 2? I know you said you did a private tour, but wondering what section you did and how pleased you were.

Great to hear you are coming to Thailand for a honeymoon! Koh Lipe is always a good idea. We have lived in Chiang Mai many times, and I would choose Koh Lipe hands down over Chiang Mai, so if you miss it, it will be for good reason. As for time in each location, we find 3 days is usually about the right amount of time in Bangkok. As for how much time to spend in Koh Lipe we usually tell people to spend at least days or a week if time allows. We have done both program one and two in Koh Lipe.

You can custom plan a private boat in Ko Lipe and they will take you to whichever sites you like, or you can hire a private to do the standard 1 or 2. Sorry for the delay in reply we have been in Alaska offline the past few weeks. Hope this helps, let us know if you have more questions! Hi Hannah and Adam! Wife and I just arrived in Koh Lipe today for the last leg of our honeymoon!

Looking forward to a great week. Thanks for all the tips! A solid third of the people on the boat were vomiting it was so rough, my wife included. May want to warn folks that coming in rainy season may be a very bumpy journey!

We are so jealous and what a great place to end your honeymoon. We have been on the boat in November, December, January, and February. It really depends on the day. They stop running the ferries during monsoon season except from Pak Bara because of the seas.

Even during non-moonsoon season, the boat can be rough.

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Hi - thank you for this so much! Best website for Koh Lipe and has made choices so much easier. I am torn between your two recommendations of Ten Moons and Salisa - we were really looking for beach front cabins but somewhere not too crowded with hundreds of other guests. What would be your recommendation if budget allowed? One further question - we will be flying down from Bangkok and then back to Bangkok - I saw it is possible to do in one day from Bangkok thanks but is it also possible to get back to Bangkok - we are flying out at midnight so hoping we could get to Bangkok in the one day.

If budget allows 10 moons has some of the best beaches on the island, but I would book early because things on the island tend to book up in the past few years.

Salisa is a great choice too and is much more central to walking street, still has a great piece of beach, and is where we always stay. If not transfers between airports are easy to arrange but take at least an hour and even more during rush hour, just allow for time if you have to transfer between DMK and BKK in Bangkok. Hope that helps let us know if you have more Koh Lipe questions! Enjoy Lipe! I am at Ko Lipe right now. Love it. Great place during low season. Had only a quick rainy period of 30 minutes at the arrival.

Can highly recommend to go there! I am going for two dives tomorrow???? Thank you so so much, will book the flights asap!

I think the times work better for us. Your blog and instagram are amazing btw, thank you for sharing your travels! Hi Hannah! Does that sound doable? Yeah, that is totally doable. That is the exact thing we do every time. You should be there just after 1pm then. Have a great time! After seeing this wonderfully thorough post, we will go to Koh Lipe but am curious, in your experience were the ferries and shuttles timely?

They are pretty timely yes. Where are you coming from? How much time between? What time of year? Let me know and I can answer your question better. Wel come to royalindian restaurant koh lipe very good indian food chicken tikka masala chicken masala. Thank you for your great site. Do you know if all the ferries still run until the end of April? Does the ferry to Langkawi carry on until May?

Glad you found us! Yes the ferry runs through April, we suggest buying your tickets in advance. Bring enough sunscreen and drink water.

Really appreciate it. Great we could help with your Koh Lipe trip. Koh Lipe is our favorite island in the world no joke. My husband and I are going there at the end of this week and we want to know if we need to find another way to take money out on the island.

We are Americans but we live and work in China. Are the cards Visa or Mastercard? They have several Chinese customers so he should be able to answer your question for sure. Hi Guys, thanks for sharing your travels. I will def go to Koh Lipe this year, exactly next month.

I will arrive in Bangkok and will stay around 3 days - thanks for the 3 days in BKK info - after that I am planing to go Koh Lipe, a friend told me about it. After Koh Lipe is Bali my next stop and I def wanna stay longer there.

Have you ever been? Thanks I really enjoy reading your page. You will still be in high season so I would book at least your first two nights and then maybe add on additional nights once you are on the island.

Yes we have been to Bali, twice actually. Safe travels! Hi Hannah, Jane here from Slinks - just booked to go to Koh Lipe at the end of March - your blog and information is just brilliant.

We are so jealous you are going to Koh Lipe! Hope you have an epic vacation. Let me know if you have any other Koh Lipe questions. Head towards the southernmost tip of Phuket and you will reach Nui beach - a beautiful private cove where you can shed your clothes and enjoy a spot of nude sunbathing.

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While there are a lot of adventure activities in Thailandthis beach is also ideal for kayaking and surfing, yes topless or nude. This one of the most beautiful nude beaches in Phuket is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city and can be accessed by a 4-wheel drive or quad bike as the road that leads to the beach is just gravel.

If you wish to save time commuting to and from your hotel room and the beach, you can check in to Lemon Tree Resort, merely a few meters away from this spectacular T hailand nude beaches. Book Now. Visit Website. This gorgeous beach on Phuket Island is called Mai Khao Beach and is located at the north western tip of the island.

You cannot reach this beach via boat. However, it is easily accessible by road. The beach is over five and a half miles long and one of the longest nude beach in Thailand.

This is one of the few blessedly untouched and best beaches in Thailand where you can enjoy nature at its very best. There are a few restaurants on the shores where you can grab a bite should you get hungry. This golden beach is located on the west coast of Koh Phra and faces the Andaman Sea. The beach is rather isolated and stretches over 10 kilometers.

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This is one of the most stunning coastlines in Thailand where you can enjoy a spot of topless sunbathing. And it is one of the top things to do in Koh Samui. If you do happen to get a quiet, private spot, you could also bare your butt!

Be sure to cover up, should you see any staff from the nearby resorts pass in your direction! Be sure to pay this nude beach in Thailand a visit when holidaying in the country.

Set in a beautiful and tranquil sanctuary on the spectacular Koh Phangan Island is yet another unofficial nude beaches in Thailandwhere you can spend a few hours, sunbathing topless. On a lucky day, you can get away with some nudity. This beach is a great place to relax under palm trees on the soft white sandy shore, even if you cannot take your clothes off!

There are a number of bungalows lining the beach if you decide to spend the night around this most spectacular nude beach in Asia.

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