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We have to work in shift, sometime I got night shift. Before becoming permanent we have many restrictions,after completion of mi Before becoming permanent we have many restrictions,after completion of minimum 1 year job one will get permanent on the recommendation of our Incharge. Our Incharge was a very beautiful young married lady aged around mid thirties. I got friendship with some males colleagues. I Know from them they all have physical relationship with female staffs working there.

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I was bachelor thenover three months of job I was unable to approach any female staff there. I got slowly closer to our female Incharge. On one night in my duty in her cabin she approach me for sex. I can resist myself ,she took me to resort room in the restricted area for me not her and we have sex. We both continue night shift and have fun. I become permanent and get all the facilities after completion of my job 1st year.

The foods of resort was very tasty, only rich people can afford the resort. The entire resort is very beautiful and specially foreign women visit there. Members of resort has many privilege than normal visiters. I work there for around three and half years and enjoy sex with many women including female staffs,trainees,female trainers.

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It is great fun to have sex with lady sexual trainers,I have physical relationship with two such trainer. This resort is heaven for getting sexual fun, almost every foreigners visit Maharashtra book our resort.

Booking is part of my job in the third year of my service.

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Now Over a year I got government job and got married to my cousin. Even a month ago I visited the resort.

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Everyone should visit this wonderful heaven. This is happening inside the Meditation center when I was part of the Osho members in We simply surrender to existence, just saying yes to oneself, lamp unto ourselves, teach fearlessness, when Meditation begins feel like dewdrop in the Ocean. I was there in Osho Meditation Resort Pune, for complete one year I was there in Osho Meditation Resort Pune, for complete one years to study about his ideology, the mystic.

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When he grown up his lifetime he was viewed as a controversial new religious movement leaders and mystic, he is influence by Gautama Buddha, Jiddu, Krishna, George Gurdjieff, Laozi, Kabir. He say life is not a philosophy class. This make me so mystery to hunt his teaching, I believe he is a great philosopher, but Osho was a Mystic. Unfortunately after his death 19 Jan in Pune Meditation center. His followers are slowly steadily decreasing, why most of the people's are not happy especially from India because his philosophy, he never believe in any one religions, his philosophy was a types of Monism that God was in everything.

His teaching for transformation to push people beyond the mind. We all dancing together we all laugh together smile together the love of life we lives. Many people's spread rumors inside Osho Meditation Resort, free for quick intimacy, it's absurdity, absolutely not it's very restricted inside the Ashram, yes some people who are animals instinct full lust are come for Meditation only to hunts a pink chick for the pleasure especially India man but it's not easy in touch, Osho Meditation Center, isn't a place of brothel.

No one do illicit or intimacy inside the Center, yes outside is your way of freedom but inside is not your way of life, everyone follows the rules. People's say I have been experience this and that yes I believe they may have experiences because their main missions of lust, pleasure may fulfill, but it's not happened inside the Osho center.

Everyone do outside the world. So here my approach is you can't be claim that you have experience in Osho Ashram about Sex. Your experience is that in your residents, your hotels, your outside world. This experience can occurred in many others places. Osho philosophy, life begins where fear end. Osho say making love is the highest consciousness of human, that mean you not free to intimacy with anyone.

If you truly love a person you will not interfere his personal life, you would not dare to break the boundary of his inner world. Osho say True love is when you will do anything and everything, that you can just to make your love Happy. His quote about Love: If love a flowers, don't pick it up, because if you pick it up it dies, and it causes to be what you love, so if you love a flowers let it be love is not about possession, love is about appreciation.

What I have learn about Osho is amazing he is really an extra ordinary person come down to the Earth, his philosophy about worldly materials possession, and religions, politician, are wonderful magnificent, I do admired his vastly knowledge and brilliants ideology.

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His philosophy simply bring the mankind into real beings, not violence nor haters there is not more foe, simply a blissful life, Meditation and find the inner peace. So people's don't take rumors.

Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fool, and accepted by idiots. Rajneesh was born as Chandra Mohan Jain, the eldest of eleven children of a cloth merchant, at his maternal grandparents' house in Kuchwada; a small village in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh state in India.

He was a Jain ,not a Hindu as usually thought by people. In his adulthood his girlfriend Sashi and first girl in his life died. After that he become insane later at college he become sexholic and womanizer. Inaged nineteen, Rajneesh began his studies at Hitkarini College in Jabalpur. Asked to leave after conflicts with an instructor due to bad character or Rajneesh was chara Asked to leave after conflicts with an instructor due to bad character or Rajneesh was character less, he transferred to D.

Jain College, also in Jabalpur.

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Having proved himself to be disruptively argumentative, he was not required to attend college classes in D. Jain College except for examinations. Having completed his B.

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A in philosophy at D. Jain College inhe joined the University of Sagar, wherein he earned his M. A in philosophy. He immediately secured a teaching position at Raipur Sanskrit College, but the Vice-Chancellor soon asked him to seek a transfer as he considered him a danger to his students' morality, character and religion.

In parallel to his university job, he travelled throughout India under the name Acharya Rajneesh. Fromhe began to lead 3- to day sex education camps, and the first sex education centres started to emerge around his teaching, then known as the Sex Awakening Movement. After a controversial sexual tour inhe resigned from his teaching post at the request of the university. In advocating a more open attitude to practicing sexuality he caused controversy in India during the late s and became known as "the sex guru".

In a lecture series, later published under the title From Sex to Superconsciousness, he scandalised Hindu leaders by calling for freer acceptance of sex and became known as the "sex guru" in the Indian press. InRajneesh spent time in Mumbai initiating followers known as "neo-sannyasins".

Here he teach sex dynamic meditation. During this period he expanded his sexual teachings and commented absurd gossips extensively in discourses on the writings of religious traditions, mystics, and philosophers from around the world. The humid climate of Mumbai proved detrimental to Rajneesh's health: he developed diabetes, asthma and numerous allergies. In he moved to a property in Koregaon Park, Pune, purchased with the help of Ma Yoga Mukta Catherine Venizelos his new girlfriend and sexual partner.

Rajneesh relocated to Pune, where an ashram was established and a variety of therapies, incorporating methods first developed by the Sex Potential Movement, were offered to a growing Western following.

Soon two adjoining houses and 6 acres 24, m2 of land became the nucleus of the. InRajneesh fleed from India to escape from criminal charges and without paying any taxes, the Rajneesh movement's efforts refocused on activities in the United States and Rajneesh relocated to a facility known as Rajneeshpuram in Wasco County, Oregon with help of Ma Anand Sheela Sheela Silverman replaced Ma Yoga Laxmi as Rajneesh's new sexual partner.

The property was a 64,acre km2 ranch, previously known as "The Big Muddy Ranch" and located across two Oregon counties Wasco and Jefferson.

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He had large collection of Rolls-Royce cars, eventually numbering 93 vehicles. Almost immediately the movement ran into conflict with county residents and the state government, and a succession of legal battles concerning the ashram's construction and continued development curtailed its success.

Inin the wake of a series of serious crimes by his followers, including a mass food poisoning attack with Salmonella bacteria and an aborted assassination plot to murder U. Attorney Charles H. He was later deported from the United States in accordance with an Alford plea bargain.

After his deportation, 21 countries denied him entry. He ultimately returned to India and a revived Pune ashram, In December, he said he no longer wished to be referred to as "Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh", and in February took the name "Osho Rajneesh", shortened to "Osho" in September.

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In Rajneesh returned to Pune Ashram where he died in He is not a Hindu not a Tantric or neither know yoga and meditation neither know zen or Buddhist vipassana meditation. He even didn't know Sanskrit.

He is a fraud criminal want to earn huge amount of money by means of his prostitution business, his all book of zen, vipassana and trantra are false,fake, misleading and gossip only. He is a criminal not any enlighten person. Selling high voluminous book at high cost and teaching yoga meditation and naturopath is his side business he was truly a flesh trader. I have been there in the late 90s or when I was an instructor at an institute in Pune then.

I had a student let us call him Swami X and I was instructed to teach him some subjects. He used to come in the evening batch, but used to be regularly late. That was OK. Initially it was manageable to handle him, but eventually he used to pose tough questions perhaps some inside help from his Osho inmates?

There are many people who are long intrigued by the mysteries of the place. Let me clear all the doubts by my personal experiences. Registration and AIDS test - It is more like a paid resort. From the main road you need to walk around 1 km. the. The Locanto Personals category in Pune is the right place for you, offering you a huge range of options. Our sub-categories cater to long term relationships, casual encounters and much, much more! Use these sub-categories to connect with someone else in your community who's looking for the same thing as you, no matter how specific your needs are. XVIDEOS pune-call-girls videos, free. Indian Desi College girl Call girl whatsapp number Video Chat video call kajal Independent escort service in All over India nude show Bathroom fingering masturbation hard fuck sex in hotel room.

One day he invited me to the ashram. I was surprised at the invite, but nevertheless, I went with him. Since I was not enrolling myself as a member there, I did not have to go throu Since I was not enrolling myself as a member there, I did not have to go through the rigmarole of blood test and things like that. One thing which fascinated me was a huge ball made of pure rock, cut so smoothly that it looked like a huge ball. It was around 2 and half feet in diameter I think so and was balancing itself on a powerful jet of water, jutting below the stone which made the stone to revolve like a satellite revolving round the sun!

It was revolving in the clock-wise direction when Swamiji told me to make it stop revolving and turn it anti-clockwise.

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And it turned! I was also shown the garden and a stream nearby and then we went out. Since it was dinner time, we went to German Bakery and Swamiji ordered for some Veg. It was awesome. Using his visiting card which he had given me, my friend and I went once again some other time. But this time it was a restricted entry. And thank you to the buddy members for the upvotes.

Edit: Humbled to see that this answer is getting quite a number of votes. In fact it is nowhere near to the concept of Ashram. Zorba the Buddha in fact!

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A place where the mind, body and soul can play harmoniously together rather than pulling in different directions! They are honest and transparent about it.

There is no need to look at them with suspicion or tarnish their image wearing our coloured goggles. One obvious ct for many is about Sex in the Ashram Resort and I suspect that was your quest in asking this question. For ease of language, I am using the words Ashram and Resort interchangeably. I get amused at this inquisitiveness of sex hunters. There is nothing wrong or immoral in this pursuit. It is genetically wired inside each one of us. It is a healthy pursuit, if handled rightly.

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Let us come straight to the point. I will attempt to answer this question from different perspectives :. Sex is allowed and sex is also practiced. It is in a way part of the Osho philosophy of happy life. One can see couples hugging and kissing in the open. Most importantly, there is not a shade of awkwardness, shame or guilt feeling about these matters inside of the Ashram.

This is a golden question asked million times. Well, it is NOT easy though not rare to find a stranger as partner.

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This is particularly true if you are an Indian and the other person is European or American. There are many sex starved Indians for whom the sole purpose of Ashram visit is to satisfy their lust - for free.

In fact Ashram authorities are not enthusiastic to admit persons particularly Indians who exhibit such traits. This creates an invisible barrier between them and their white skin counterpart of opposite gender. Most of these stories are big bluffs. It is not advisable to ask straightaway. It puts off the other person. One has to strike a chord. It is better to enter into a conversation on the subject of Yoga, Happiness, Life, Spirituality etc.

Find out what she has done and try get some understanding from her. Not exactly. There are sessions where male-female dynamics are heightened and converted into blissful experience this is what they claim. No sexual activity happens. There is nothing clandestine about it.

It is a process of intense love opening up your inner potentialities. Please note that this is only a very minor part of the various sessions offered there. Actually most of the happenings in the Osho Ashram are not at all related to sex. It is related to the living through the process of Life, increasing your awareness, opening up the flood gates of love and tranquility. They are also having lovely music which is specially created for these sessions.

I have given above information for the sake of quenching the thirst of curious. There is also nothing of YOGA happening here.

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If you are seeking enlightenment or spiritual experience, this place is not for you. Buddha would certainly not approved the idea of his name being associated with this resort. There is nothing of any religious ct to the resort. Partying with a bunch of drunk girls is never a bad idea. With that said Indian women are notoriously prude so this will take some work. Head to the right areas of town and smile at any pretty girl you see. If she smiles back then go say hi, you never know how that day might end.

In this country the most taboo topic around is sex and Pune girls will have been raised to think it is very naughty. This is considered to be more of a free spirited town then most others. An important thing to remember before you cold approach girls here is that there is a really big rape problem. If you hope to pick up hot girls for sex in Pune nightlife head to pick up bars like these and cross your fingers:.

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