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Can we get just one more post out of Miss California Carrie Prejean? Yep, you bet we can! In a tease, website TheDirty. Remember those photos of Vanessa Williams that got her crown stripped? Looks like Miss California is en route to the same. All I can say folks is step lightly.

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Searches Related to "miss nude contest". Notice: You Are Leaving Pornhub. The page you're trying to access: is not part of Pornhub. Continue to external site Go Back. I agrrrrrrree gay mariage are not an idialistic for adopted kids either, all of you are not good examples you are poisoning kids mind. This the picture that has everyone up in arms? You have got to be kidding me! Hey you guys making good comments on gay marriage, wake-up they are poluting kids mind, since when do you call Man a MOM?

Why all this hate? She only gave her opinion! You are still free to give yours. If you agree with her fine! Personally, I feel that Marriage should be available to all. Why is My opinion wrong? I should be able to have MY Opinion! If You Agree Fine. If You Disagree Fine. Doc Owen. First her answere can stand on it own two feet! Religion is a sound reason for any belief one has so long as it is not directly harmful to anyone!

She did not say anything hateful or mean spirited! She answered the question honestly and I think that is good! No one likes a lier and lieing always get you traped latter on.

As to the photo big deal. First her underware she has onin the photo is less revealing then a bathing suite. You see more of her breast in the swim suite portion of the contest. I would also add that it is stupid and sexiest anyway that in America a man can walk around topless and a woman can not! Not long ago when German had a heat wave one summer they publicly announced that women could go around the office topless since it was so hot almost no one in Germany has air conditioning because you normaly do not need it.

The Bible is clearly against homosexaility in several places it just does not use the same words we use today. The Greeks,Romans and many other pagan groups where big on homosexual sex or bi-sexuality really and they went so far as to ok sex with animals. As too the Bible not being meant to Govern a country that is both true and false at the same time. The Bible is not a Governing tool but the people that read it are! THose values came to us from our religious beliefs.

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This might come as a shock to people but out country was founded on Religious Freedom more then anything else. Sure it was not the straw that broke the camels back but it was a huge reason for leaveing Breat Britian. The other main reason was the hope of being able to break free from Class restrictions as only people of nobility where able to own land and have any political say in Europe! Our founding Fathers where Chrisitan Anarchist.

Marriage has always been a religious Union not a Political or State granted or Federaly granted right. In fact even in pagan culture marriage is a religious cermony and not a civil political union. It has been and should remain a religious contract not a civil contract!

I have friends that are gay and I love them dearly but I do not support or agree with their lifestyle. Feeling are meaningless when discussing what is right or wrong or what is the natural course of things. Until recently Homosexuality was considered a deviant phycological disease that was treatable with consouleing and other theraputic methods.

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I think that was changed while CLinton was in office to give people a time frame I cannot recall if it was his first term or second. I am not saying he had anything to do with it just give a time line. Just because more then two people like the same thing does not make it good,right or natural. All the countries that have long held gay marriage as ok are haveing all kinds of problems with their social and economic fabric.

Gay Men have a much higher number of sexual partners then hetrosexual men since more Gay men are willing to have group sex then hetrosexual women. Ihad two gay roomates in college so do not tell me I do not know what I am talking about! Liveing with two gay guys for 3 years taught me alot. I had a gay friend that now has a son! I had sexual relations with more then a few woman that turned out to be Bi and loved to have group sex.

I think it is a safe bet that once you start down a road that is diviant sexual and not supported by society you end up going all out! I mean if you are going to be chastised for your sexual preference might as well jump in head first and make it count! So I can could hate guy people with a vegence and as long as I do not discrimanate against them or committ a hate crime against them I am being tolerant of them. I do not have to like them or their beliefs and I do not have to change mine or censor myself to be tolerant.

Personely I think it is dicrimatory that a single mom can get all kinds of grants to start a business or money for college but a single Dad cannot! I think it is discrimatory that courts almost always give the mother the custidy sp of the children when their is a divorce. I think it is discrimatory that a man does not get money off his wife to live off of when they get divorced in most states.

I do not think it is write that the NAACP can have scholarships and programs that are only for Black Afrorican Americans applicants and that it is not considered racist. So get used to the double standard they are all over the place! Last I checked a womans body stoped a bullet just a swella s mine and they had amble strength to pull a trigger on a rifle and plenty of skill to drive a tank etc.

I do not go crying a river over all the injustice in the world it is just the way life is it has always been this way. As to Faith being about fear of death that is nonsense. I am the reason my Mom and Dad returned to the church! Trust me an 11 year old has no fear of death. Death will come for us all and their is nothing in religion that prevents that so what is their to be afraid of! Sure I do not want to die anytime soon but Ihave been close to death many many many time!

I do not want to die because I enjoy liveing life it is fun for the most part. If anything I think people fear the unknown and that is what death represents the unknown for many. My beliefs strengthen me and help me to be a good person when everything in my body is desireing to be bad,mean cruel or hateful it makes me a better person while I am alive.

I have no idea what is on the other side of this life so why worry about it. Sure their are times when it is more fun to sin then to not sin but in the long run most of things that are bad for sooner or latter catch up with us it does not matter if that is wild roman orgies or over eating.

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It inspires us to live life with an eye to longterm happiness not the impulse for a quick fix. Sure anyone that is smart and savy can twist any religion to suite their needs but they never last they always get caught in the end.

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I just know that in the end we all get what is comeing to us even if that means a lonely exhistance being completly hateful towards oneself. So by default anything that is based on hate is wrong but that has nothing to do with tolerance as the lefty loons like to use the word! I respect her opinion, cause everyone is allowed to have one, but when you become a spokesman for hate which she has and you run around praising Jesus and family values you had best not had naked pictures taken waiting to come out and bite you in the ass.

Oh and for you bible thumpers who have shown up here posting your hate. You stop eating pork, stop cutting your hair at the temples, start selling your daughters, oh and when your kids say no or talk back, take them to the edge of the city to be stoned to death by the town elders cause that book you like to quote and try to use against us tells you to do those things and a lot worse. As for Carrie Prejean, fuck her she is a dumb bitch who opened her mouth, inserted her foot, and now has the other foot in her mouth too.

For those who mock the Bible and say that it does not talk of homosexuality being an abomination, ummmm, take a look at Romans - fact is, we have all sinned and fallen short, but to recognise the sin is very different from rebelling against what is right and consciously deciding to make the sin a part of yourself. Boy these elitist liberals are sen-si-tive. But it sure was funny to see this girly-talking queen, Perez, red-faced and flustered calling her every high school name he could think of.

Typical garbage from a queer, celebrity blogger. Yes, she shouldve stayed neutral on a question like that but all she did was express her opinion.

She didnt criticize or ridicule and this is what she gets man. Perez, keep talking like a girl and taking it up the ass and leave the rest of us outside the Hollywood elite alone. Brett : Brett, I am speaking in Church this Sunday, an accepting diverse congregation of all kinds of people, so please spare me your proselytizingI do not need to be saved or converted to your chosen belief structureyour truth is your truth, not THE truth.

Or for Perez, Brad Pitt. Anti-gay bile?! All she did was express her opinion!! WOWDoes it really make you people feel better about yourself to attack this woman for voicing her own beliefs and being beautiful.

What you shove up your ass is your business but all this girl did was state her beliefs. Grow up. John Visser : You make me laugh A picture of a beautiful girl in her underwear covering her boobs equates in your small mind to that of fudge packing, dirty penised homosexuals Yeah!!! Find your God in love and compassion, not judgement or persecution. Peace, out. Mark : says the str8 dude. Can you tell me why, as a non-Christian, the words in the Bible should apply to me in any way, shape or form?

We have separation of church and state here, why does your church get to dictate to me what I should and should not do? Should she have stayed neutral on a question like that?

Yes, without question. Especially representing Cali. But she made it very clear that she wasnt trying to insult anyone or to say whether or not it is wrong or right. If she had said that she supported gay marriage do you think she wouldve been treated this way? Absolutely not. Except for maybe a few radical religious groups. I find it curious that you focus on anal sex right off the bat. Of what relevance is that? These pageants have people from all over the world,many diff cultures so it makes total sense to always try to be diplomatic.

Poll after poll shows that the majority of the country doesnt support gay marriage. She is just a cynical opportunist, anything for buck. Geez how could I have been so dumb? Mark : says the person with no knowledge of the issueignorance is bliss huh. Alec : you equate divorce with homosexuality the diseases that are rampant in your lifestyle choice is the same as this wow!!!

Mark : wow you believe in genes??!!! Okay, seriouslywhere did all the bigots come from? Are you telling me they all discovered Queerty on the same day?

I think a little investigation would lead us to find a concerted effort organized by some bigot rights group somewhere to take over our site. Mark : ummm well with ignorance jumping off a building would be badum that why you wear a parachute.

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Him and his faggy blue hair. A particularly nasty, bigoted stereotype, but easily dismissed: the feminine characteristics of prepubescent males is what the pedophile is attracted to, versus the adult characteristics of males for the male homosexual just as heterosexual males are attracted to adult females. Alexa : I agree. Why as a tax payer and citizen should I be subject to the Christian idiom? Mark : By your definition, homosexuals commit virtually all prison rape.

No difference. Bye now. Mark Carrie is against gay marriage, so am I and God is against it. Stop judging others for their beliefs and actions.

labourer worthy

This is just an attack on a woman who voiced her opinion publicly. Leave this lady alone. All you others that are judging others, you have NO right to do this unless you have been judged first.

And believe me, one day, all us will be. It is not then, we conclude, immoral. Furman, D. Man this guy P. But then YOu judge others for what they believe in. NO one made you the way you are, you chose to have sex with people of the same gender, just the same as you chose to allow people to judge you by it. I believe the American people has done tis part in allow the gay community to exsist they way they are.

But it is you within that community that pushes people beyond the limits lies, deception persistence and harrassment. Even so he would discriminate against someone who belives in something he does. So who is actually right and wrong here? That is a much later invention of the catholics. Whatever, she posed, so what! She believes marriage is between a man and women, period. I feel that way too.

They are commited to each other and work and pay taxes so they should get those same rights. Not sure why everyone is whining about marriage anyways. Blessed is that slave whom his master will find at work when he arrives. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property.

Mark : HEY do you shave?? Bet you love lesbians. Typical Jesus freak. No one is perfect. People get judged all the time for what they do in the past even if they are forgiven by God.

Perez Hilton Is going to hell for his beliefs and lifestyle. If you are offended by this then you will join that little faggot!! Bigot: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices ; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group as a racial or ethnic group with hatred and intolerance. Its funny how the gay community screams about tolerance, but are hypocrites when it comes to Carrie.

You all should be ashamed. I hope you eat a poisonous wang and die! The world rests assured that you will not procreate.

You are disgusting people, not for your carnal acts, but for your hate mongering. If you were to be cut open, blackness would spill out like a polluted diseased shit stream. I know a bigot when I hear one, or read comments like yours.

Carrie is intolerant towards a group for no reason other than they are different, and she has been taught to, or decided to, accept that bigotry.

Bigotry is much different than preference, as it is hurtful to some without a valid reason. You may be glad you are a bigot, but again, it only shows your shallowness. I am not intolerant of Carrie, I still hoped she was going to win, although knew she blew it.

I still thought she was the hottest. And why is that whenever someone disagrees with you bigots, you naturally assume they are gay. Shallow again. Guarantee you I find Carrie attractive and not you, unless you look as feminine as you sound. But I will tolerate your bigotry, and try to convince you otherwise, if you will tolerate all people to choose who they want to be with.

Really like their acronym, seems fitting, are you a member? The gay community is just showing how small they are with the name calling. Hypocrites to the max. Just because you are living a lie you want other people to live that lie also. You faggots always cry about tolerance. We tolerate your disgusting lifestyle. Free speech goes both ways. What happened to free speech? She stated her opinion and it was not PC. Screw all of you gay as well as not gay who get easily offended.

David Arizona : Why do all the ignorant homophobes always think gay men actually want to be women? Those are two VERY different things. Jesus loves you, just not as much as he loves the queers. Absolutely nothing. She stated her opinion. Now, after willingly holding herself out as a example of her faith, it turns out she has a rather convenient reading of both its dictates and the guidelines of the secular organization she also represents.

Yes, it all makes sense now. Silly, stupid str8 people. I often wonder how the glory that is all things queer manages to escape from your polluted gene pool. Mark : So I guess you consider straight people an abomination too, if they cannot have children or choose not to. And he also had something interesting to say when it came to the separation of the law of the land and following your beliefs.

You might want to read it. And even Jesus said you should not confuse your religion with the law of the land. Any kid can pick up a clothing catalog or the latest Cosmo and see far more flesh revealed. She will always be the winner! The hateful, vitriolic little hetrophobes who lamely attempt to demean, even destroy her are the losers. She was asked a question and gave an answer. Get over it. Funny how the limpleft champions free speech only when it supports their self indulgent view.

It then seeks to destroy those who differ. You must also seek out and destroy all who differ from their point of view.

Thank you for the photo. I appreciate Carrie all the more for it. Very tastefully done and a photo she can be proud of. Heyit was just a question in a contest. Too bad a little twerp thought it was his personal license to have an inquisition.

The hate that filled his face when the question was answered revealed just how intolerant the hetrophobes are. Thanks again for a very nice photo of a very appealing young lady. I am sure she will make a wonderful wife and mother for some very lucky man and his children. You should try it some time. Yet you only have your assertions that they are wrong, nothing factual, no scripture, nothing.

Just your arrogant pride that you are capable of second-guessing God. Whatever, as I have said before, Jesus loves you, just not as much as he loves the queers. Mark : Well what about me Mark? The same paragraph also says that it is unclean to eat shellfish and pork ever had shrimp?

Ask a bible scholar there is much more in the bible to support gay marriage and there is virtually nothing to support homophobia. Bigots throughout history have used the bible to rationalize their own sick views.

Miss CA Nude Photo Blame, Heidi Montag Blacks Out, and more on TWIYT #45

The Nazis,Slave owners in America, segregationists etc. Jody : lmao I would expect that from you I suffer from hay fever you should try that sometime go figure. LeviticusI believe statesDo not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, that is detestable.

It pretty much states that a man is for woman and vice versa. This, however is not for me, nor anyone else except God, to judge.

take the hindmost

Although I do not believe the way some of my homosexual friends are living is correct, I do not criticize. Just as they should not criticize my heterosexuality, which they do not agree with.

Most of you on this post are the reasons there is such a disparity amongst us today as humans. Yes I am a hetero. Yes I was on this site looking for a nude picture of Ms. ElGuapo : I agree. She was honest and it is her opinion. Asked by a gay judge! Really get over it! I agree with her and I also have gay friends, It is possible! Kudos to her. Don : AMEN!!!!! Marriage is between a man and a woman.

You are right in Leviticus, he says that it is an abomination unto the Lord. While your work for this cause fulfills your sense of duty and justice, I live the reality. So really, with all due respect: Fuck off. Mark : So you are just a bigot because you are a bigot? Big accomplishment. Jody is a clear example of a person who lobs insults without hesitation, further widening the gap between different people.

If you read my post, I was not insulting anyone if I did, I am truly sorrymerely stating some points of view. I am a sinner, and I am very thankful to be living in a country, and in an era where things are not taken so literally except people who read posts, obviously.

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May all of you be blessed in all of your endeavors. Jody, anger management, or perhaps talking to someone to deal with past issues may go a long way for you my friend. Guess what Don. King James was as gay as 10 balloons bisexual actually.

He was also a devout Christian who tried to balance religious tensions between Catholics and the state religion - Protestantism. If he had wanted to have a clear statement against homosexuality in the bible it would have been very easy to use that word. The editors did not. Don : She was underlining your hypocrisy. If people were trying to take your rights away or the right of your family or friends I would bet you would be pretty mad too.

You are doing wrong Don. I went from dumb bigot to unhappy loser in nothing flat! I am not trying to stop anyone from doing anything, getreal.

You certainly are quite jumpy, and maybe rightfully so. You are sounding like a hypocrite now. I am truly sorry that things are so hard for you right now, but for you to berate someone who supports freedoms as I do just shows me that people will take and accuse and blindly so.

Good luck, once again in all of your endeavors. BrianZ : The sad thing about you is that you think being an activist for equality is a good deed or such a big deal. This tells me that you are doing no work for equality but flapping your gums.

If you were doing any activism you would know that people of all background have rallied around this issue particularly in california where I live. You have struck no nerve there are plenty of pathetic do nothings who sit on their ass and complain while others do the work.

I will be ignoring you from now on you seem like a joke. LOL Awesome! Way too damned easy though. Mark : Well if you had actually read the scripture you are quoting it says pork or pigs are unclean so if you have ever picked up a football you are sinning too. It does not seem complicated to understand. TANK : Trogs are real so, I guess you prove why you are homo you are in a fantasy and not reality go figure.

You think that is right? You seem to be the one living a fantasy because marriage equality is coming no matter what you think. Twenty years from now you will be lying to people saying you supported it out of shame. Mark : You are no different than the bigots who fought against desegregation. No different. More annoyed. Besides, offering such inanities and then taking offense when you are laughed at is rather silly.

You started talking about invisible sky fairies, not me. Racist people hate me just because of how I was born the same way you hate gays for how they were born. You are no different to me than a Klansman you are a hatemeonger and a presumptuous one at that. Jody, I think everyone needs something to believe in, as in a reason to why we exist, or co-exist in your instance. You go ahead living your life being annoyed and it will only inhibit you, my friend.

I did not take offense to anything you wrote, nor will I. And even IF I did not believe in God, which I wholeheartedly do, I would at least tryIf He is real, an eternity in hell is pretty long compared to our brief existence on Earth. How do you justify your actions? OhMarkActually, slavery is quite alive and well to this day. Just ask the millions who are enslaved by their own race in Africa. It is quite shameful. Such a beautiful country and rich with history origins traced thereto be marred with such atrocities.

Marriage equality? Give me a break Get Real. I love to fuck my gold fish in the privacy of my own homedoes that give me the right to ask the public to sanction my actions as matter of public policy and law? Circular reasoning works because circular reasoning works because circular reasoning works. This is not the only pattern of your thinking, but the substance behind it. And the same for the rest of you primitives.

Why in the world are you fantasizing about what complete strangers do in their bedrooms. Are you sure you are straight? PH is a stupid jackass, he was rude in his blog about this whole situation. A lot of girls want to be beauty queens, can you tell us how your lack of food, fake boobs, and your pretty looks helped get you where you are?

Nor will I waste my time trying to. At least I do have some substance behind my thoughts Unlike your primitive trogloditical self, to use your terminology just so you will understand.

I can only assume why you use Tank. You seem to have some deep seated sexual reasons for your homophobia. It is not surprising the second I identified as a black person that is all you can talk about.

A bigot is a bigot is a bigot. All of you people are ridiculous. Prejean is stupid, get over it. She should not have done what she did, her answer was absolutely outrageous. Now everyone will know what kind of a person she was. But to the gigantic hate war goin on, go away, go home, and get a life. Yeah, circular reasoningyou call that substance because you call that substance because you call that substance becauseget it? Don, commence communicating with your fellow travelers marcus and mark with a series of grunts and clicking noises.

Don : Thank you for pointing out the obvious there are many more than a million men, women, children living in slavery all over the world even in our own country sadly.

your coat suit

I have no doubt the people who enslave them think they are doing the right thing. As far as the whole blacks think they have suffered thing. No one said anything like that. Why you would want to align yourself with a bigot I cannot imagine. TankYou speak of trogs. What dimension are you living inPut down the dungeons and dragons and start living in reality. I have not been casting negatives until you chimed in. See ya T ake A nother N ut K rewe. GetRealI said nothing to the effect to blacks thinking they have suffered.

Although they havefor years. Please stop putting words in my mouth. Where did that come from, chump? Mark : You came here to talk to gay men this photo is all over the internet on thousands of sites. Is that why you are posting about penises going up asses? Straight people know that sexual orientation is not a choice i was born straight it is only closet cases like you who think that being gay is a choice.

Being gay is not a choice if that is how you were born get over it and stop discriminating against gays. It is wrong. I will pray for your children. And nothing says class and sophisticated argumentation like an aids joke!

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You, Shemp, are a leaky douchenozzle. Some people do need an attitude adjustment now and again. Now is that a threat, don? Are you threatening to assist me with an attitude adjustment? No threats, chump. I will stand behind my words.

If you think you can have me eating meals through a straw, bring it, personally. TANK : Why not engage people with facts and right in wrong instead of just childish bickering? My homosexual friends four of which I regularly converse will get quite the kick out of your idiocies.

You are probably part of the reason homosexuals are being held back in the equality department s.

Miss ca naked

Congrats Tink!!! I am guilty, as charged, as well getreal. You are correct. There are enough legitimate reasons to debate with if someone seems like they are not completely bigots why not use intelligence and facts to best them instead of just arguing.

You seem to get a charge out of insulting people and are not changing any minds by doing that. Your word games are really complex, don. So, it was a threat, huh. Because every time I or other people bring up facts or sound arguments, you accuse them of being close minded. Refer to the above youtube link, and broaden your horizons. I am a lover, not a fighter, Tink. By myself or in a group. I have however reacted to being jumped on a few occasions by drunks, rednecks, and a few othersand I think that I can hold my own.

John Visser : Funny how the gay community bring their bedroom habits out in public all the time and then try and smear someone for being half naked. What a bunch of sick hypocits. Mark : Sorry to disappoint you but we can breed. And how about we focus on the issue rather than telling each other how to structure our arguments?

Don : How can you consider them friends when you believe in denying them rights? That is bigotry not friendship. My apologies if anyone else has thought about this already. On Google, for instance, this very page comes up seventh in that very search. Our benevolent christian fuckheads?

But since I have your attention for a moment, let me say a little something: die. The best part? Even better? If you lack sufficient will to simply decide yourself into dying, may I make some recommendations to ease the process for you? There are a variety of options available for those who are interested in terminating their own life functions. A good method is using a gun. Large calibre is the best, of course, but any size will do if you do it right.

They tend to wake up in the hospital, a week, two weeks, a month later, brain damaged and shitting their pants, but unfortunately still alive. Another option, for the more melodramatic, is the classic slitting of the wrists.

Some tips to increase your chances of success:. Take plenty of aspirin beforehand. It acts as a blood thinner. This will probably clot before you die, and none of us would want that. Instead, cut up the arm, parallel to it. This opens the veins more, plus you bleed out quicker, thus suffering less pain overall. Another option would be jumping off of a tall building. Remember, you want at least ten stories, but the more the merrier.

The big thing is to try not to land flat on your back or stomach. Your best bet is to attempt to land headfirst. Get off your asses and help yourselves make it happen. When you get to hell, tell Satan I sent you. Um, imagine me crossing my fingers for that last part. Internet, you know. Have a pleasant journey! TANK : lmao I have watched your posts tinkerbell stick with Don at least you can barely keep up with him.

Mark : Well I am a woman and straight so I can breed and there are hundreds of thousands of children being raised in gay families. They are breeding like wild fire. I am a big believer in god as the great equalizer in matters like this homophobes always seem to send up with gay kids. So be carefully spreading all this hate around your house. If your kid was gay would you really love him any less?

I do not believe in denying my friends rights. I think that they should be able to do whatever anyone else can, even marry. Just because I do not necessarily agree with everything they do does not mean they should be stripped of their rights. I do not believe in hunting, but I believe that people have a right to hunt. I have friends who hunt, but do not agree with itunderstand??? John Faggot : Actually I think it was the straight critics who seem so fascinated and they claim disgusted with the mechanics of sex.

In years from now we have no human beings. That kind of common sense escapes all the gay communities sexual justification. Well, you started threatening me with physical violence.


Got that, sugar? I bet you think about men when you eff girls. You probably thought that was your secret. Don : He does so we should all have the same rights. Frankly, I think the Bible has nothing to do with it. I said you needed help with an attitude adjustment. Some people would assume that would be talking, some, like you, would assume physicality. This shows aggression on your behalf.

I have no problem with showing you the latter though, my friend. I will not give you a dirty look, but I shall finish what we start. Once again, this I promise. Feel free to e-mail me and I will tell you how to get at me pimp. John Faggot : Actually it is a human right well equality under the law is.

In most of the countries where marriage equality has been recognized the rights argument has been a major part of it. Insurance for spouses, death benefits, etc. Stumped commone sense all the men on 1 island all the women on another island no contact between the islands.

In years from now we have no human beings. That kind of logic is obviously too complicated. Seriously, the gay community should keep their sexual habits to themselves instead of bringing them out in public and then crying about being ridiculed for their sexual beliefs.

And where in your bible did you read about felching?

bitten, twice

Don, for a self described heterosexual, you know a lot about the particulars of gay sexand words that no christian soldier with the exception of pete labarbera would be familiar.

If we put all the homophobes out in space without compression suits your heads would all explode. Problem solved! Personally I think all organized religion is a pile of horse feathers full of hypocrasy.

Who needs a piece of paper to love someone. Don : Your funny let me see first, If one has death benefits they can leave it to their homo buddy through a will second, they should both be working and therefore have access to insurace so, your fight on those are unfounded as there are other ways.

What a crazy closet case. That if everyone were gay, no one would procreate? This is fatuous fundotard idiocy. Tank, As I stated before, I have numerous homosexual friends, and they tease me and I, them This is where I obtained that vernacular I believe I got that one whilst serving in college.

I am in no way a biblical scholar, in fact, I am somewhat theologically ignorant compared to most Christians. I have a few other zingers that they taught me. Most of my homosexual friends are some of the funniest guys I know, which goes with my wit perfectly, thank you. Mark : Oh and calling gay people homos is unlikely to hurt any feelings but it does make you sound like a 12 year old. You bible thumpers need to straighten your bibs. Who made religious followers the Spokes people for God?

Benefits are a large component of marriage rights. John Faggot : Actually I said you are describing a scenario that has never and will never happen in the real world.

I wish some straights would learn to be as accommodating. WHo was it in here said that fundies use the bible like a drunk uses a lamp post - for to prevent falling down, but never for illumination.

Not me, though. Most of my homosexual friends are some of the funniest guys I know. Mark : You hate gays and think that you deserve more rights than gays so you are by definition a homophobe. Marriage is legal for gays in four states and at this rate will be legal everywhere in America in the next years. So they must be doing something right. My argument is simple without hetrosexuals in this world we would have no human beings in years from now. John Faggot : Yeah, because penis-in-vagina fucking is the only way to pop out some spawn.

You may be the brightest bulb on the string. And years? Another false statement is you defining sexual orientation by sexual acts. I dunnothe lady doth protest too much Would that make you gay? Maybe you already are, though. John Faggot : Wow you are amazingly dumb. Gay men are having children through surrogacy and adoption. All it takes for lesbians to have children is a trip to the sperm bank and they are having children by the hundreds of thousands so gay and lesbians are pro-creating.

You point is also stupid because giving gays the right to marriage would not make straight people disappear. If gay people married your life would not be any different at all.

This thread was stimulating at times, and I wish you all well. I hope that all of the hate that is around is extinguished. If you believe in God you must understand that He is the judge and not you. Good luck, and God bless. Tank, may our paths cross so that you can be made whole. My heart beats on. They are both full of hypocrasy and the followers of both are too blind to see their own hypocrasy yet continue an endles argument in order to reinforce and justify their beliefs.

Yes, may our paths cross so you can attempt to make good on your threats of violence. John Faggot : That is sick and ridiculous.

An animal is not a consenting adult although reading your comments you may be an exception. That was easy. The right to choice ends where the ability to provide consent begins. No one out there could actually think the way you do. John Faggot : Plenty of straight couple use invetro fertilization there is no shame in it.

As far as the bestiality comments that is just what people said when interracial marriage became legal. That black men were going to go crazy and white women would start marrying animals. That was years ago none of it happened. You are no different than a klansman.

John Faggot : Yeah the right but not religious people with brains. Always insults never logic. John Faggot : Well they ARE born gay but they can choose who they want to spend the rest of their lives with and who they will have children with.

While I do not respect the choices of either religious groups or gay communities I certainly respect them as humans even if they cannot see their own hypocrasy. John Faggot : I never said humans cannot love animals.

I simply said that animals cannot give informed consent to sexual advances. I was merely using as an anaology the right of people to choose you seem to be oblivious to that concept Vernon unless and until it involves being gay.

John Faggot :????? Tell that to all the single parents and gay parents in the world. The main problem with this world is selfishness. I am highly intolerant and disrespectful when it comes to people who believe my people are undeserving of equality in the eyes of the law.

I proudly condemn anyone who disagrees with me on that issue. If you want my people to remain second-class citizens, I do not consider you human, and I believe that your death would be a blessing to the planet and the Universe as a whole.

A single mother in most cases, like a single father struggle and sacrifice for the betterment of their child. John Faggot : My friend M. She does outreach work with children for the organization Colage children of gays and lesbians she is straight and the sweetest person you will ever meet.

She has a lesbian mother and two gay fathers they went through a lot of trouble to have her. I told M. Oh wait. I am the child of gay parents. Neither of my parents ever once considered my feeling or hardships. They were too self consumed and selfish to see that the love they gave was for each other and neither was willing to sacrifice.

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