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Buckingham and fellow bandmember Stevie Nicks might be the most famous star-crossed lovers since Romeo and Juliet, only their story ends with them playing in the same rock band and singing songs about each other. But tension existed between the two long before the breakup. The young lovers released a single, eponymous album as Buckingham Nicks two years before joining Fleetwood Mac. The couple appear nude on the album cover, something Nicks reportedly was highly uncomfortable with. She almost quit music at the age of Nicks was, of course, insulted. It was just an angry thing that he said.

Khutulan Even as she sees him give into peer pressure, Khutulan tries to be a good daughter to Kaidu - especially after he pulls the ublueridgehomefashionsinc.comecedented move of naming her his heir. She really shoulda just slapped him around, though. Instead she was pretty passive all season and didn't help much.

Nayan Caught between family and his faith, Nayan chose the latter - but it didn't work out for him or anyone else. But, hey, I guess he gets to go to heaven, if the Pope is to be believed. Ahmad Maybe he's not the nicest guy around, what with his whole plot to kill Kublai and his whole family and whatnot. Honestly, his restraint should be applauded. Byamba When he finds out his girlfriend Khutulan is Kaidu's heir, he gets all patriarchal and jealous about it.

I swear he's a good guy when he's not being a sexist clown. Empress Chabi Mom to everybody on "Marco Polo.

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She's so disappointed in everyone. Prince Jingim Grew up a lot in season 2, but still seems incapable of fathering children. But that doesn't really matter, since it seems his true love is Marco anyway. Maybe they were laying it on a little thick with the modern-day social commentary, but it works. You can't help but dislike this goober, even while you love him. It's similar to how we all felt about the High Sparrow on "Game of Thrones.

Marco Polo The focus of the show shifted away from him in season 2 the show is, technically, named after his book, not the person himselfwhich really made his whole drunk and cranky thing kind of fun instead of annoying.

He was a bad main character, but he's fine as a wild card adventurer. Lotus You didn't know you wanted Michelle Yeoh to show up out of nowhere as a medieval Chinese Terminator, but now that it's happened, I can't help but want more.

Jia Sidao One of the few characters built to just be hated, Sidao is actually pretty awesome until he gets what's coming to him. If he had a mustache, he'd have twirled it in every scene. Hundred Eyes Already a great character, the blind warrior monk upped his game in season 2 by cracking a ton of jokes and kissing a lady. I really appreciate the care that I've received. Also, I've had no issues making an appointment and my experience with her staff has been much smoother than other practices I've gone to.

great healer

I loved seeing Dr. Fong for years for my annual physical. When she started her boutique practice, it was not really an option due to the annual fee. If I had chronic conditions or lots of health care needs, it would be worth it, but given that I'm a very healthy active 50 something yr-old, it's not worth it Transferred my care to her twin sister's practice on Balboa St about 5yrs ago - very tiny office, not very appealing, and to this day, I have never seen her - they always say she is too busy and I get delegated to one of the nurse practitioners who are just OK.

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For a place that has an annual fee like premier credit cards, gyms, or exclusive clubs I would expect a bit more than a suboptimal reception. The doctor may be awesome but you'd have to get through the receptionist to find out.

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Not sure if it's worth it when you have to pay a premium What if I don't want to stay, do they eat my annual fee? My experience thus far: Called to make a new patient appointment. Was placed on hold for over 5 minutes stopped counting after that. When I was finally helped, I asked them to hold for a second because I had to ask someone, that was physically in front of me, a question. They hung up on me in what was literally less than half a minute.

When I called back, they tried placing me on hold again. Doesn't seem like they'll need nor appreciate your business, or any new business for that matter. Good luck if you still want to try! Great doctors are really difficult to find these days. I had experiences where you go to the doctor's office. You are told to undress completely and put on a paper robe that opens in the back. Your cold as heck and sometimes they have you wait for what feels like an eternity.

It's impersonal. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect my doctor to be my new BFF. And I understand that doctors are busy and they probably see more urgent cases than what I came in for.

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But, geez, they see you naked, poke you, and good-bye? Sounds worse than a one night stand and they're getting paid!

Mai lin naked

Disclaimer: I'm a good non-practicing Catholic girl and never had a one night stand, but I'm just saying I'm fortunate to have good health coverage, so I expect a little bit more attention than these 15 minute sessions. Honestly, I feel sorry for the patients that have not so good health coverage or none at all. I don't want to imagine what they are treated like My experience with Dr. Mei Ling Fong has been stellar.

She actually looked me in the eye and asked questions about me. Enough to actually make me feel like she really wants to know what's going on with "me" and my health situation. She repeated back everything I said, told me her analysis on what I said, described her next steps, and what I would expect to receive upon leaving. She's amazing! I wish she was my big sister! I would follow her around, dress like her, and maybe even grow up to be a doctor. Okay, let me wake up before I'm slapped with a restraining order.

The staff at Dr. Mei-Ling Fong's office is great, too.

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They are kind, detailed, and don't laugh at you when you turn away while they draw blood. I think I've hit the jackpot in finding SF's best doctor and staff. So, get sick and check them out! You won't regret it. She has decided to basically abandon her patients in order to focus on profit by switching to a retainer practice partnership with her sister.

Those who can't afford the thousands per year billed on top of whatever they charge to your insurance I believe for the pleasure of keeping her as their physician get left to whomever they have at the office for the common folk I guess.

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This 'concierge' movement is a blight and violation of the spirit of being a family doctor there to help everyone equally.

So basically, Fongs but no Fongs here.

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Newsflash: Dr. Fong is leaving the Richmond Medical Group and branching off to her own practice, leaving people with HMO- like myself, to find a new Doc.

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Called for an appointment. I had to laugh at the ridiculousness of it! Based on the other reviews I can't see how that justify the premium. I'll find another doctor that doesn't expect me to bend over and take it.

Mai Lin, Actress: Sex Wars. Striking brunette beauty Mai Lin was born on June 22, in Oakland, California. Both of Mai's parents were of Chinese descent: Her mother came from China while her father was born in California to Chinese parents. Moreover, Lin also has a brother. Mia began her career in porn doing loops after her husband Dean got her in touch with people he Occupation: Actress. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of M*A*S*H with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at Quotes. I never stopped and thought, "I want a career like this person or that person," not just because of the limitations of being Asian-American, but because of the importance of understanding that you're on your individual path, and there are different Born: Dec 02,

I became a patient of Dr. Fong almost 10 years ago and am grateful to have such a knowledgeable physician. If you want a cheap doctor, don't expect much time from the doctor.

I gravitate to doctors that limit the number of patients they see, and naturally then need to charge more for their services to make up the difference.

I believe doctors who spend more time with their patients are worth paying for and Dr. Fong is worth every penny. I've been seeing Dr. Fong for about 8 years back when her practice was in Corte Madera. I just so happened to be moving to SF when she moved her office to join her twin sister also a GP in the Richmond area. Needless to say, I continued to see Dr. Fong whenever an ailment popped up.

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And, for a hypochondriac like me, that was sometimes often. Shanghai Noon Princess Pei Pei Play It to the Bone Lia Flypaper Dot True Crime Toy Shop Girl Payback Pearl Love Kills Kashi Michael Hayes Alice Woo Dellaventura Yuling Chong Pearl Amy Li Riot Tiffany segment "Empty" City of Industry Cathi Rose Gridlock'd Cee-Cee Jerry Maguire Former Girlfriend Guy Woman at Newstand High Incident Officer Whin The X-Files Kim Hsin Nash Bridges Joy Powell ER Mei-Sun Leow Bang Hooker Home Improvement Woman 3 Coach Nicole Wong Hotel Malibu Co-Worker Protozoa Ari Law Mai Lin Rhythm of Destiny Donna Beverly Hills, Courtney New Amsterdam Why Women Kill Elementary Luke Cage Graceland Meena Redlight Code Name: The Cleaner Freedom's Fury Saturday Night Live Archive footage.

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Apr 12, It's rare for Fleetwood Mac - a rock band formed in - to garner headlines in Monday's news that Lindsey Buckingham reportedly has been fired shook the rock community, earning. Full Cast & Crew: The Naked and the Dead, But Mostly the Naked Cast (23) Ed O'Neill. Al Bundy Katey Sagal. Peggy Bundy Amanda Bearse. Marcy D'Arcy Christina Applegate. Kelly Bundy David Faustino. Bud Bundy Mai Lin (as Fumi Shishino) Letha Weapons. Rocki Mountains Iqbal Theba. Iqbal Judy Carmen. Diane Kevin Schon. Stage Manager Buck. Nov 29, The video was originally posted by a Britain-based right-wing extremist who has led protests against Islam. The office of Britain's prime minister said Trump was "wrong" to cite material from.
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