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Just in case you wanted some reassurance that your family isn't that messed-up , here's a story for you: A man was arrested for raping his mother. You heard that right. Raping his mother. But mom decided to forgive him, and then claimed the sex was consensual. So then the charges were changed to having sex with his mother , which, as I've established in a few stories, is illegal. But the year-old Alabama man, Gary Dean Helms, Jr, who was 19 at the time that he and his mom reportedly had their relations, has now disappeared.

Helms pled guilty and was to be sentenced to up to ten years in prison.

Dec 19, But mom decided to forgive him, and then claimed the sex was consensual. So then the charges were changed to having sex with his mother, which, as . Jul 14, Why Moms Have Sex With Sons Genetic Sexual Attraction By Many report feeling as though they met an opposite-sex version of themselves. "It is Author: Kevin Spak. Oct 24, Mother And Son Sex Talk Gose Wrong ?????? by The crazy ones. A mother's love for her son - Short Film - A Misinterpreted Malady (Assamese) | Pocket Films.

But then he skipped his sentencing and is now on the lam. Vickie Helms told a local reporter back when the incident first happened that she blames drugs.

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At the time, she said her son was high on "ice, crystal meth, pain pills, ecstasy, and alcohol. Emotionally, it's driving me crazy half the time. I get to crying and then I'll stop and I get angry and then I'll get mad.

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I keep going that way I don't blame my son for this because I don't, he wasn't in his right mind when he done it. He don't need to be in prison for the rest of his life, he needs help.

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He needs to be in counseling for drugs. Maybe prison is the "help" this guy needs.

Moms sex sons

After all, if he'll rape his mom, who else will he rape? This guy really, really needs to be taken off the streets. Let him get his counseling in prison.

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I understand that the mom is very concerned for son, but there is such a thing as co-dependency. Kiri Blakeley December 19, at AM. Cates, a clinical psychologist in Northeast Indiana, says bad record keeping and limited reporting prevents us from truly knowing how common this form of incest is.

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He says there is still enough chauvinistic thinking that "victims," particularly adolescent males coerced by older females, may not perceive themselves as "victims" at all, and hence such crimes may be under-reported. Young men may be too embarrassed to report assault or coercion by a female, and even harbor a disbelief that it occurred e.

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No question Sword has problems. Researchers are only beginning to examine some of the possible differences between male and female offenders, but because the number of female offenders is so small by comparison, it's shaky at best.

It would be ublueridgehomefashionsinc.comofessional and unethical for Cates to comment directly on the Sword case, but he did offer some general insight into why moms sometimes have sex with their sons.

One reason has to do with the fact that Sword gave up her son for adoption when he was a baby, and didn't reconnect with him until he was a teenager.

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There is a theory that raising a child from infancy onward "inoculates" a male parent against seeing that child as a sexual object. Psychologists sometimes use this theory to explain the reason stepparents or adoptive parents sexually abuse their children, and it could apply in the case of a birth mother who had placed her child for adoption, only to find him in later years.

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He doesn't give much weight to another circulating explanation for Sword's behavior, called " genetic attraction. Author of the book on this theory, Barbara Gonyo, dubbed the phenomenon "Genetic Sexual Attraction" in discussing her own charged reunion with the son she gave up for adoption.

A mother's love is sacred in our culture. So hearing that year-old Aimee L. Sword had sex with her 16 year old son seems unfathomable to us. Somehow, a father having sex with a daughter, while.

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