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How would any of us survive motherhood without our village? The terrible twos, angsty preteen years, and downright disruptive teens would be enough to do us all in without other moms to remind us we will survive. These are the moms telling their stories for all the world to read, giving you reasons to laugh, cry, and get up to parent another day. Is your baby breathing right at night? Are they getting enough food?

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Mommy Gossip. Mommay's Mayhem. The Neurotic Mom. A Daily Dose of Toni. Following In My Shoes. The Mommy Blog. Absolutely Bananas: Seattle stay-at-home mom blog. Show 5 Show All. What's That Smell? Wednesday, December 10, I'm Back! After what has been a whirl-wind week of ups, and downs, being crazy busy, and completely calm, I'm back. Thanks for being patient with me!

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the thief

Monday, December 1, I Blog for Sanity. I'm sure that many Moms, and Dads that blog can relate to "blogging for sanity. I'm sure many of you are also wondering what happened this morning So I'm super excited, but trying to control myself since I'm a firm believer in NOT getting your hopes up. In the mean time, until I get a definite answer, I'm going to be taking a little blogging break, because I can't bare reflecting on any thoughts at the moment, as they are all centered on 1 thing: getting pregnant.

I'm going to take a short break, and get all the things done that I've been putting last in my life.

I have a mural for my son to finish, an office that is basically a mountain of paperwork, a car that smells like poop and curdled milk, 3 dogs to groom, a blanket to finish crocheting, a few books to finish illustrating, and a few more chapters to write on my many other books, and oh I might make a few more quilts for my kids!

Whatever it takes. I plan to be back to my blog by the end of the week, and certainly by then I will have some firm answer as to whether or not I'm pregnant. Either way, I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I think that this is the perfect opportunity to tie up some loose ends in my life.

barking dog never

Who knows, maybe I'll come back a changed woman! I better Mom and Wife!? We'll see. Maybe I'll just find a way to get my sanity back!

leopard does

Talk soon everyone, and thanks for having me in your thoughts. Labels: blogmotherhoodparentingpregnantraising kids. After having 3 children to date, you'd think that I would just know. And, after just recently taking 4 pregnancy tests, if I'm not pregnant, I swear that I'm losing my mind. The symptoms: Cravings of abnormally fatty foods that I seem willing to fight my 2 year-old for, inclination to clean like a mad woman and finish all the jobs that I've started, an enormous gut that appears to either be brought on by years of drinking beer I hate beer - OR a little wee baby growing inside of me, pants too tight, insatiable urge to pee, uncomfortable when trying to sleep, either really happy - OR really sad and can't stop crying, easily agitated, and the list goes on of all the little quirks that I've been feeling.

The results of my 4 pregnancy tests by the way have been a clear "-" which if you have ever taken one, you'll know means that I am NOT pregnant. I tell you, all this anticipation, and uncertainty are driving me nuts. Really, I just want to know already. I normally get my period tomorrow - the very first of the month, but no signs that it is coming as of yet.

I realize that all these symptoms seem to be coming early - but everything seems to happen sooner as far as I'm concerned after the more kids you have.

So, here I am. Pregnant, maybe, maybe not, maybe. If only I had a field of daisies to pluck the pedals out of to buy some time. I'm twiddling my thumbs, oh my gosh you have no idea!!!

So here's the thing. In the past 2 days I have made an ENTIRE quilt to pass the time actually to keep my mind completely off of the pregnancy subjectI've done 26 loads of laundry, changed 5 beds, vacuumed, done 7 loads of dishes, you get the point, baked 2 batches of chocolate cookies, and even made homemade pizza. But, alas, I guess I'm brought to one conclusion - that only time will tell, and I most certainly do not want to get my hopes up. Last thing that I wanted to say: that I feel a real urge to be honest right here, right now.

I do not like mean people, at all. And, I want to say because this is my blog, and I can say whatever I feel like that if you are going to be mean when you comment, don't bother. You're wasting your breath, and I won't waste my time acknowledging you. I figure that mean people must be bored, or sad.

I don't have the time in my life to be either, in fact I love all the people that I've met thus far blogging, and enjoy sharing my little bit of my life with the world, no matter how crazy it is sometimes. So get lost all of you mean people, and write a blog won't you!

It's a great way to vent, in your own domain, literally.

Moms sex blog

Labels: blogchildbirthfunmarriagepregnancy. Tuesday, November 25, Pregnant Or Not. With all 3 of our other children, I can honestly say that we've never had trouble conceiving, with the labour, or the delivery. I know I am an extremely blessed woman when it comes to having children. Now, we've been missing having sex every once, and a while for whatever reason.

Mainly because I'm exhausted, and get to bed first.

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I'm assuming this has to do with the fact that I already have 3 small children who tire me out. We have put in the effort to have sex at different times of the day though, when I'm not so tired, but it doesn't seem to be cutting it - because there's nothing growing inside my tummy right now that I know of other than gas.

That was too much information, I know, I'm sorry. Anyhow, I know it's only been about 2 months since we've started trying, and that's nothing compared to what other women go through on their road to pregnancy, so I am not complaining.

What I was wondering however is, whether or not it's true that you can only get pregnant on about 2 days in a given month? If that's the case, I just hope that those 2 days don't land when I'm too tired, and sound asleep.

I sure would like to pinpoint a time down. Labels: babiesconceptiondesiregiving birthintimacymaking lovemarriagemen and womensex. Monday, November 24, Dry Spells. Man, he has it bad.

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Can you believe it's been 3 full sexless days for him? He must think he's practically a virgin, or something. I am certain, that as married men, and women we all go through a "dry spell" every once, and a while when it comes to not having sex, or giving oral sex.

Welcome to Moms Teach Sex - You can't find a better sex teacher than your girlfriend's mom. These MILFs, thanks to their age, are impressively experienced in pleasing a man. Total opposite of silly college sluts you meet these days. So get lost all of you mean people, and write a blog won't you! It's a great way to vent, in your own domain, literally. Sincerely, Mama of Romance xoxo If you like Sex Diaries of a Mom, subscribe to this Sexiness. Subscribe in a reader. Sunday is our play day Mature Czech Casting Saras Lunch Hour Mom had to much to drink again. Lets Make Love full Of Hotness And Arouse Each Other Love My Mom Granny tries to suck BBC Hungry mature mom and banana Elena - Anal Family Married Woman Cucks Husband TRAILER Sexy Blonde MILF Sex Moment Experience With Joy Sex Mother And Daughter.

For us, it's been like 3 days, and already my husband is pouting, complaining, and exaggerating that it's been weeks, almost a month - and I thought I was the one who has succumbed to memory loss after having 3 little ones. What I would like to know, and what I'm sure many women would like to know is what is the typical length of a "dry spell" in a marriage?

Is it a week? A month? A year? If everyone would share their experiences as married women, and men that have children that would be great. Perhaps myself, and many other women could give our husbands who are fathers, a reason to simmer down after only missing a night or 2! After all, sometimes there is more to life than sex - right?

Although, I know my husband would disagree.

the mountain

Labels: making lovemarriagemen and womenoral sexparentingraising kidssex. Friday, November 21, Fire in My Panties. So this is how it went

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