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I could write a book about the number of times my smart mouth got me into trouble. At home, I was frequently grounded as a result of this, and at school I regularly got detention. I also have to admit, that the odd bloody nose and swollen lip also often resulted. He looked at the huge stack of discarded fence posts in the back of his truck that they had been replacing the entire day.

It would have been way too much work for him to do by himself. Pete, who usually helped him, had just moved back home to his family and was too far away to help any more. It was Saturday night. Adam and his friends had just left the club. Their t-shirts stuck to them as they entered the cool air.

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Carly ran to the usual bench on the street outside. Adam and Kev sauntered over, pushing her along to sit down.

Man sex story

All three of them eyeing up the exiting revellers. When I met Bob Hough, I thought he was incredibly sexy. Bob was six-foot-four-inches tall and in my opinion, he was incredibly good-looking.

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Bob had the look of the more masculine movie stars from a bygone era, and could definitely be described as a Robert Mitchum lookalike.

We met while doing an army stint together. In South Africa, military service for white guys was compulsory in the It was now over a month since Ian's last disciplinary problem and he had at long last got his act together. He was now one of the best employees in the office. Even Carol, his hated line manager, had to admit he had turned over a new leaf.

Although she still loved to call him a little cocksucker anytime she could to cause him maximum embarrassment. Ian's home life, on the other hand, Ian stared at the ceiling as he lay in bed, his girlfriend Debbie asleep at his side. He could not sleep, all yesterday's images flashed through his head. No way around it, he had sucked his bosses cock in his office and been forced to swallow his cum. Even worse, his bitch of a line manager had watched him do it.


The waves of shame and embarrassment washed over him. He had barely spoken I knew college would be a time for learning; I just never expected my lessons to go like this! Going into my freshman year of college I experienced the normal mix of emotions about the coming year. I was extremely excited about heading out on my own for the first time, but I was also nervous about the unknown. One of my main apprehensions was about having a roommate, which as an only child I had never had.

I ran through about a dozen different scenarios about how bad it could go.

the merrier

Timmy came from a family where brain cells were in short supply, and to put it mildly, they were a bunch of dumb-fucks. Timmy had three siblings, two older brothers and one a year younger than him. Unlike his I'd always wondered if I was gay, but I'd never had the nerves to find out. I didn't know any gay people, and where I grew up most people were homophobic, so I never had a chance to experiment.

I'd tried getting with girls but something always felt empty about it, like I was just going through the motions.

Teaching my new neighbor's daughter to submit. Shopping leads to fun with younger women. Last part of fun with boiler repair man. My first sexual experience is with much older dominant man. An old man's tongue and a young girl's and other exciting erotic at blueridgehomefashionsinc.com! Elena practices her bisexuality and leadership skills. Forced man on man sex. The story continues and my Queen is thoroughly blackened! Surprised that cum feels so good on me. The first new slave, Stephen has to infiltrate the hospital. and other exciting erotic at blueridgehomefashionsinc.com! - Straight man meets straight man for gay sex. by wfyngwrt15 10/12/04 Bicuriousboy4now - A bi-curious male has his first time. by November Echo 06/15/02

But every time I slept with someone I couldn't help but imagine what it was like to be Ian sat at his workplace desk fuming as once again the new line manager had found something else to pull him up over. Ever since she came to the company she had consistently found problems with his work, appearance, and attitude. Okay, he agreed slightly with some things, and this was not a dream job and his attitude to the work was well it pays let's get on with it. Not exactly the After Sam moved into his home on the top floor of an apartment block, he became fascinated with his neighbours.

They occupied the far end unit and he lived next door to them. The six units on each floor were mirror images of one another and Sam, therefore, shared an adjoining bedroom wall with Tex and Gail. They had a very noisy sex life and Sam would frequently hear them cavorting after Mike was now hammering away at Bill's ass, and I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth.

Bill's orgasm was at hand as he pressed his spraying schlong into my throat repeatedly. Mike rapidly slowed his penetration to a snail crawl when he knew that Bill had cum.


Mike slowly withdrew from Bill and Kelsey met Grant when he was twenty-years-old. They immediately hit it off and shortly, were living together. Grant was in his mid-thirties, had a successful business and a magnificent home.

'older man' stories

Although Grant had enjoyed a few relationships up until then, he had never found his ideal partner. Kelsey, however, ticked all the boxes for Grant. Not only was Kelsey one of the most beautiful boys The leather clowns were late. Usually they showed up the last full week of April, but here it was May and no sign of them. I worried. We all did. When he was young, before any of us, he told me.

I wondered and he just shrugged.

Gay Male Sex Stories Hub. Browse All Gay Male Stories New Gay Sex Stories Fire Down the Valley Ch. 04 02/20/20 1 On his A married man discovers his own sex. by. Our gay sex stories section features tales of male homosexuality. The gay male stories section is popular not only with gay men, but also to curious males who are thinking of experimenting, as well as women who are interested in reading about what goes on between men behind closed doors. Man-on-Man Erotic Sex Stories. This a group for all men who love to write erotic stories (fictional), or who love sharing their real life gay sex experiences. Try to be as descriptive as possible - This will hopefully be great wanking material! Open to Gay / Bi men. created by golemsa.

Never asked, never said. Only time it ever happened. So we sat After I finished swallowing all his cum I sat back in the front seat and lifted my little pink dress letting him see me rubbing my hard cock. He ran his fingers over the tops of my stockings and called me a dirty little cunt boy as he moved his hand onto my cock.

It felt so good being exposed and touched by an almost complete stranger. I took my phone from my bag as he rubbed me and flicked No real affirming opportunities had ever arisen in his life because he was very wary of being exposed.

It was, however, totally clear to him that guys rang all his bells. In his penultimate year of school he accepted that he had to bide his time and that when the Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time All Time. Queen Yavara Ch. Rest Stop Forced man on man sex. The Massage Away Ch. Unique Experience Surprised that cum feels so good on me. Not Just a Blob Pt. Scratching Itches Engaged couple face her slutty past w sex addict.

man hard

Spcl dessert. Pleasure Island Ch. The Man in the Pod Ch. Bi-Hooker, Bye Crook Ch. Lily's Awakening Pt. For the Love of Cute Panties A young guy finally gives in to his gender bending fantasies.

A Royal Jealousy Pt. Discovery Ch. A Night to Remember A couple lives out a fantasy. Blue Moon The moon pulls two roommates together.

makes waste bad

Failure to Fuck My first attempt to fulfill a fantasy ends in disappointment. Jenna and Joel Jenna and Joel learn to go both ways. One Night A straight guy, a gay guy, alcohol and some fun. Loving to Like Ch. Maurice, Mario and Me A gay man longing for the love of a taken straight man.

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