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I stuck my head over the edge of my bed to see my twin brother Ritchie lying on the floor of my bedroom. With the doors closed my room got incredibly cold in the winter, especially on the floor. Mom said since we were both thirteen we couldn't sleep in the same bed, but I knew Ritchie would get sick sleeping down there. I didn't mind sharing my bed with him. We got along better than most brothers and sisters we knew, maybe it was because we were twins and growing up we'd always developed the same interests.

For identical twins one would expect the greatest disparity in cock sizes to come from the subtle differences in environment in-utero. Not during puberty. And even so, those differences should be relatively small, resulting in no more than an inch in difference in the adult penis, which would be even less for a neonate.

My thought is that they had what would be classed as quite wildly different penis sizes for identical twins while children which would, as I said, not be that much but when they grew to adults that small difference seemed to amplify the disparity. However, I still don't see that natural development as being the major influence. Therefore there must have been some unfortunate toxic exposure which either seriously stunted the smaller ones growth or boosted the larger one. Was the smaller one exposed to endocrine disruptors such as bisphenol-A, PCB's etc?

They lived together until 18 years of age. I can't guarantee that one was exposed to something the other was not but to the best of my knowledge, no. They're called fraternal twins. Genetically, they share as much DNA as two normal siblings. These days you could do a genetic test if you wanted to know. Thirty years ago not so much. It's possible they looked very similar as babies and were never told otherwise.

Short of some kind of tumor affecting hormones or hormone treatment in one but not the other or substantial differences in nutrition during childhood, identical twins shouldn't have major disparity in height. This type although not fully accepted as an "official" type of twins by scientists yet theorizes that twins aren't exactly identical and aren't exactly fraternal.

It can happen when the oocyte primary egg cell divides twice on its way to maturity. Usually these smaller polar bodies don't play a meaningful role in reproduction.

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But now scientists believe that some twins could be the result of two of these egg cells and larger polar bodies being pregnated by two sperm. The twins would most likely share all of their mother's genes but only half of their father's genes. Twins of Two Two eggs are released by the ovaries and each egg is fertilized by a different father. Identical twins cant differ that much. And they're identical.

I've never even seen identical twins differ in height! I have uncles who are identical twins. You could not tell them apart when they were younger. You could not mistake them for one another now. You can still tell they're twins, but 60 years of life plays itself out differently on two different people. Why do identical twins have physical differences if they have the same DNA? You have probably heard that your DNA contains the instructions for making you who you are. Things like your eye and hair color are controlled by your DNA.

This is why identical twins look so much alike - they share the same DNA. And yet, they aren't exactly alike. They can be hard to tell apart but if you look closely, you see differences. So what causes them to look slightly different if it isn't differences in their DNA? Identical twins have physical differences because when it comes to the way you look, both nature and nurture matter. You may have heard the phrase "nature vs. This phrase refers to the two things that make you who you are.

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It was summer time and my parents had a friend come down from up north to visit and stay with us for about a week. He brought his son that was around my age.

The parents left us all alone while they were working and my parents friend ran out for the afternoon.

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We decided to go swimming. Well my brother saw us out the window, called BOTH of my parents and I was grounded for weeks and the friend and son left t Well my brother saw us out the window, called BOTH of my parents and I was grounded for weeks and the friend and son left the next day. Worst summer ever. How embarrassing - my brother has always been a tattle tale! One summer several years ago my brother and I both spent our holidays in our childhood home. Asking mom to bring us food thrice a day while we finish RPG games, marathon HBO, nap four times a day and do Milo drinking races when awake.

After two weeks of such a period, however, I feel very restless and ublueridgehomefashionsinc.comoductive, and began questioning about the purpose of my existence, the impermanence of time, and what day of the week it actually was I had lost track.

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I had also gained several pounds and I could start there. I was ten minutes into the routine, busily sashaying, kicking the air and swaying my butt around when the door suddenly burst open and my brother came in with his glass of orange juice.

He laughed like crazy whenever he saw my face for the rest of the day. Brothers are weird. My sister is my partner in crime. Am just one and half year elder than her. Where ever we go we will be together. We went to inquire about a course. Later next day me alone went to discuss with technical staff. The previous one was far better compared to this.

So recently I planned to buy a vehicle for my sister and went to different dealers to discuss model and finance details. While coming to documents part the dealer asked about ad While coming to documents part the dealer asked about address proof. I told she dont have any proof in her name everything like gas connection, broadband, house agreement are in my name only. My brother was caught up saying goodbye to some other family members, so I finished packing my stuff into the car and came back to where they were standing to say my goodbyes.

I moved to stand next to him and he reached his arm around my waist and grabbed my butt. Luckily, everyone in the conversation was quite tipsy including me and my brother so, while we were all crying with laughter, no one has ever brought it up since. Especially not my brother :p. This happened between me and my cousin. We have an age gap of 15 years. When this happened I was around 23 and he was 7 years old. I had stayed in his I mean my uncle's house for a few months during my internship.

Whenever I changed clothes I wouldn't take long. Its just a minutes work for me. So I don't latch the room but just close the door. My uncle and aunt never entered the room without knocking. Or they would know I am changing so wouldn't come in.

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But my cousins entered whenever they wanted to. Once I was changing and the elder cousin, 7 year old, entered the room. I was almost I was almost done and immediately wore my t shirt. Thats when my cousin grabbed my boobs and for couple of seconds I didn't understand what happened. Everything happened within seconds and I didn't know how to react. I should have reported it to my aunt, not as a complaint, but just to prevent him from doing this to anyone else. But I was too embarrassed to tell it to them.

Presently she is 16 years old and has presumably stopped growing. And Nitisha likes attention and even wears heels to look more taller. Both of us love hanging out when we meet. I came from office early around 2 PM to find my door unlocked. Never talked my sis about that n never mentioned this to anybody. Now she is happily married but not to that guy. It happened when I was 17, my sister was 19 at the time.

One Saturday evening, we had the whole house to ourself.

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Our parents had gone to visit our relatives who lived far away and wouldn't come back until Sunday night. And as teenagers do, we started partying. Then she sneaked to her room and came back with a bottle of vodka.

She was all giggly and teased me with it, telling me that it was time I learned how to drink the real stuff, and stop being such a geek.

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We actually finished that bottle together, it was far more than each of us could take, we were really really drunk. There was some late night movie on tv showing a pretty hot love scene, and I blurted out that I was turned on by it. She giggled and snuggled up to me on the sofa and started kissing me, then whispered something like, "I am too. Afterwards, we fell asleep, cuddling, and woke up next morning with a huge hangover, but even worse, it suddenly dawned on us what we'd done and I cannot describe the feeling of embarrassement.

It never happened again and we never ever talked about it again. Uh oh I have plenty. So it was a term break from university, I came home to be with family. I saw my older brother was doing some crossword puzzle, so I want to helped him or so what intented to do.

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There was a blank column and only filled with E and J. He answered by throwing the book and the pen at me and walked away.

My Twin Sister Ch. 02 "Please Bec, push down on me." and with that I felt the first touch of her hot wet cunt envelope the head of my penis. The feeling was indescribable and every nerve was tingling with anticipation. Slowly, ever so slowly she lowered herself onto my . I drove my dick deep into my sister's belly and then I unloaded. The moment my sister felt my hot seed her eyes went big. "No Bobby, don't cum in me!" It was too late. I shot rope after rope of my sticky juice deep inside my sister's pussy. There was no turning back now. The thing was, my sister's pussy was going into a spasm. Feb 05, I have Two brothers. One is my twin, and the other is my step brother. Me and my twin are 16, and my step brother is To start off with, me and my twin have puny penis'. Especially my mine. My penis is BARELY over 2 inches when erect. My brothers penis is 3 inches when erect. Yesterday my step brother wanted to see my penis really bad, because he walked in on my brother .

So thats it I ruined my chance to bond with my bro. Ps : I tought ejaculation was another term for misscariage, it tooks me time to know the real meaning of it oh well. This happened when I was around 16 and my brother was 4 or 5. He had taken a bath so my mom told me dress him up as she was busy in some household chores. Mind you that I had breasts which were a little big for my age so they easily got attention. As I was dressing him up, he squeezed one of my boobs.

It lasted for seconds. I was like "What the hell just happened!? Then I realised that my dad is in the same room. He didn't notice that - thankful for that. I would died of embarrassment if he had seen that. But I was already so embarrassed!

Just in case if you're wondering that! My brother is five years older than me. When I was in mid-high school, probably 14 or 15, I found my brother had locked himself in our only upstairs bathroom. Sign In. What is the most embarrassing moment you encountered in brother-sister relationships?

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