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The trick is that, just as she reaches climax and tips over the edge, you pull back slightly. And you can do it again and again until she collapses from exhaustion and too much pleasure. Orgasm stacking is one of the most advanced orgasm techniques on the planet, and its not for the faint of heart.

This is a Jedi level technique - and if you can master it you will be one of only a few hundred guys on the planet who know how to do it correctly. Stacking just means putting one on top of the other. You gradually put one on top of the other, without allowing them to full down reach climax.

You have pulled her back from her orgasm by slowing down, for example and now you need to speed back up so she comes close to reaching orgasm again. Each time, her sexual energy accumulates stacks ready to be released in one huge, mega orgasm, the kind of which she has never experienced before.

Makes her cum

As you can probably imagine, this advanced technique can produce some of the most powerful orgasms her body is capable of. Full body orgasms are one of the ultimate sensations for a woman. As you can imagine, having an orgasm run up your spine and throughout your whole body has to be one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable experiences ever.

Full body orgasms require a little more work on your part than regular orgasms - which is why we recommend having a long term sex partner to enjoy them with.

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To give any woman a full-body orgasm we use a special massage technique that allows the sexual energy to flow throughout her body. Think about it, for her to be able to experience an orgasm throughout her body, the sexual energy needs to be able to flow there. Tension spots in her body actually stop the flow of energy throughout her body. This special massage removes those tension spots and allows her body to be filled with intense orgasmic pleasure.

This is something we cover in huge detail in Video 3. There are 3 simple ways you can make sex even more exciting and make and give her even better orgasms. Boredom and self-consciousness are two things that kill the female orgasm more than anything else.

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And this is why using a blindfold in the bedroom can work so effectively at making a woman cum. It both increases excitement and decreases self-consicouness. Not being able to see anything will build sexual tension and put you in control of her which is a massive turn on.

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Women can also feel extremely self conscious during sex. They are worried about how they look. The blindfold also has another exciting effect. So when you cut of her sense of vision, she will become more sensitive to your touch and the naughty things you whisper in her ear.

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So, using a blindfold in the right situation is a great way to give her one of the most exciting orgasms of her life. Handcuffs are another great prop that can be used to increase sexual arousal and her ability to cum.

There is little that is more exciting to a woman than being handcuffed to the bed post while you bring her to orgasm.

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Just ask the millions upon millions of women who are obsessed with the 50 Shades Of Grey books and films. A tie or belt works great. Watch as her excitement and arousal level go through the roof as you assume complete control over her, as she helplessly lies there tied to the bed.

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Women use a vibrator because it works. The vibrations are extremely pleasurable and are especially effective for clitoral orgasms. Durex now sell vibrating cock rings at most convenience stores. These have disposable virbators that last for ages and are the perfect way for you ti stimulate her clit whilst you finger her or penetrate her. You should use spanking as just another tool in your sexual toolbox.

You can use it effectively to do a few things, which most women love:. Point 1: Spanking can be used to spike arousal when your woman is getting close to an orgasm. Spanking allows you to create an intense spike in her pleasure-meter. It provides the shock that can send her spiraling into an orgasm. For this to be the case, you will need to time your spanking right.

You must be able to tell when she is getting close to orgasm. Right when she is about to orgasm is a great time to slap her hard on the ass.

Nov 19, There is one position that rises above all others when it comes to make her cum during sex. Have your woman lie on her back on the edge of the bed and rest her bum on a couple of pillows so that her bottom half is slightly higher than her top half. Now, from a standing position enter her. Thrust in, but upwards at the same time. Related searches make her cry make her orgasm she cums make her squirt make her cum bbc make her nut make her cum hard how to make her cum make her cum compilation she cums hard force her to cum make me squirt made her cum her orgasm watch her cum make her cum amateur orgasm how to make her squirt bbc make her cum make me cum daddy make her. Watch Make Her Cum porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Make Her Cum scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own.

Not hard enough to hurt her, but hard enough to make a great sound and to spike her arousal level. Point 2: Knowing that someone has spanked you, and will surely spank you again increases your level of anticipation. This anticipation increases her excitement level, which makes sex more fun, and can bring her closer to orgasm.

The key is to be ublueridgehomefashionsinc.comedictable in the way you spank her. Never do it in a pattern that she will be able to guess.

You want to spank her when she least expects it.

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And when you do spank her, go hard, with multiple quick and hard spanks and then go for a long period without any. Never let her guess when she might get spanked by you. Never let her know, use it as a tool to build her levels of anticipation and excitement. Point 3: Spanking can show her your dominance. You want her to feel that you are dominant and in control. This will turn her on and bring her to orgasm faster than anything.

Spanking is a great way to do this.

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The most common problem that is encountered with unlocking multiple orgasms is that the woman often resists going back into orgasm because of the intensity of the experience. Some women will resist a second of third orgasm because they feel selfish. Most of the resistance comes from her contorting her body, allowing you less access to her.

If this is during intercourse she might push her hips up and clamp down her thighs. If you are having sex from behind she might arch her back upwards.

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After your woman finally comes to orgasm is a great time to bond, and enjoy this special moment with her. She will feel vulnerable, exhausted, relaxed, sensitive and still aroused. So keep this in mind. For a woman, after she has an orgasm is completely different to that experience for a man. Now is the time to kiss, cuddle, smile, laugh, and if she can handle it, go for another orgasm again. After the woman has experienced the intensity of stacked orgasms she will be very vulnerable and this is a point where you can build even more trust and intimacy, allowing you to take her to even higher sexual heights next time around.

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