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This story is actually true and I've wanted to write about it for years now. It's a story involving myself and my cousin who is 2 years older than I. First let me tell you about myself. I'm a little bit on the heavy side, about , 6'1" and considerably handsome. I have a wide build and a 6" uncut cock. My cousin is of average height, a little on the thick side with B-cup tits and a big white bubble butt.

As I felt her sweet ass through the panties I noticed that she was starting to wake up.

My cousin ass

Quickly I rushed back to my seat and acted like I was just getting up to go to bed. When she woke up she must have noticed that her shorts were down, cause I could tell that she pulled them back up.

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Goodnight," she said as she went into her room. When I went to my room, I of course whacked off. I wasn't mad that I didn't get to feel her ass more then I did. I knew that I would get to she her sweet ass again, but after what had just happened, my plan was going to have to change a little.

The original plan was only for me to see her naked again. A few days later, the temperature really started to rise. I knew sooner or later Nancy would want to go swimming. It happened on Friday, which was the hottest day so far, that she came to me and asked if she could go for a swim.

When she came out she still had her clothes on. Maybe you just misplaced it.

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I think you're right. What am I going to do now?

My Cousin's Booty

I felt the pool water, it was just the right temperature. There's no one around for 12 a mile. No one is going to see you. But you're going to be here.

I don't know what to think about that! You would do that for me?

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With that, I started to get undressed too. Within a minute we where both naked. We stood there looking at each other for a second.

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Then I realized that I had better get in the water before I got hard. After I had jumped in, I saw that Nancy was still standing where she was. As I looked at her young body, I got really hard. Nancy of course couldn't tell cause the water was covering it up. For the first part of our swim, everything was normal, except for the fact that we were both naked, but as time went by I started to get closer to her.

Finally I got close enough that I could touch her, but of course didn't. We talk a bit, mostly about how weird it felt to swim naked. But after a while I had enough. As I started to swim again, I made sure that I was swimming extra close to her. Several times my cock was able to touch her, each time Nancy would laugh, and tell me to try my best to kept my penis away from her.

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After we had finished swimming, we decided that we would both try to improve our tans. She was about to put some sun screen on when I offered to do it for her. Nancy of course was still completely naked. I on the other hand was wearing only a towel, trying to hide my hard cock. As she laid stomach down on the chair, I knew what I had to do. I dropped my towel exposing my rock hard dick then jumped on Nancy and drove my cock up her tight ass.

I'm your cousin! Get off me!!! It hurts!!! But the screams only made me more horny as I continued to wildly hump her ass. All Nancy could do was lie in the chair and let me fuck her young ass. With each thrust of my dick I went deeper and deeper into her sweet ass. After about ten minutes of anal fucking her, I finally came. It was the biggest load I had ever had. As I pulled my dick out of her ass, I noticed that she had passed out from it. But as I walked towards my room, I had a very interesting thought.

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She had changed into a long t-shirt knowing no one was going to come by at am. We were first cousins so there was no shame between us when it came to me walking around in my underwear or her in a long shirt that didn't quite make it over her big ass. Here she was almost passed out, laying on me with her not so long t-shirt riding up her milky buns. I could see the crack of her wide ass and her tattoo that was ironically placed right above the beginning of such a lovely crack, resembling a target.

You're not having any fun are you? The level of intoxication was clear now; she was really smashed and I thought to myself, 'This is the chance I've been waiting for, for like 7 years!


To my perverted pleasure I glanced down and saw that she was not wearing any panties at all - just bare, shaved, 21 yr old pussy right there in front of my face. I saw that she had recently shaved because one or two razor bumps were there and this made my already aroused cock even harder knowing that my cousin of all people had shaved her pussy not more than 2 days ago and knowing she was going to see me! The best part, however, was that she had taken her panties off when she changed into her long t-shirt.

That's when I knew that whilst she may not have said it, she wanted it as much as I did and this moment was not going to pass by. I made small talk with her for about 30 minutes, making sure she stayed awake, and got her some coffee to sober her up a little bit. With the level of drunkenness she was at she wasn't going to be in her right mind for at least 2 hours so coffee wouldn't hurt. As we talked I gently caressed her bare ass and rubbed my hand over her bare pussy from time to time.

She would just smile as though nothing was happening and then to my surprise, out of absolutely nowhere, she started crying like most drunk girls do. She was an emotional wreck and began crying about God knows what. I was there to comfort her as she cried in my arms.

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I held her tight and caressed her soft luscious mounds of ass and in a deviant way it was extremely arousing. I don't know what it is but it is very hot knowing that, as I carried her down the hall to the master bedroom, you are about to do God knows what in someone else's bed! With my evil thoughts and with her in my arms I opened the door to see a rather large bed.

I sat her on the corner of the bed and removed her shirt, all the while removing my clothes as well. She didn't seem to notice as I stripped off my underwear and stood there completely naked in front of my now naked cousin. It was the first time we had been completely naked in front of one another and to no surprise, we were not ashamed at all.

I didn't say a word, I knew what I wanted and I had no time for small talk.

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Once her head hit the pillow I went straight for those moist lips between her thick thighs and I lowered my tongue to her forbidden outer lips. The taste was strong and salty and for the first time I licked my cousin's pussy. She squirmed on the bed saying things like "We shouldn't do this" and "You are my cousin! She then pulled the foreskin completely back and lowered her soft mouth slowly onto my throbbing penis.

I felt my dream come true as I heard a slurping noise coming from my cock being sucked by my cousin, I looked dead ahead at another beautiful sight - her virgin pink asshole! Not only did her massive butt cheeks look amazing in this view but her tiny rosebud looked even better.

I took this opportunity to put my tongue on the outer ring and taste her ass. It didn't really taste like anything at all. Then I pushed my tongue in as far as I could and entered her virgin ring. She moaned with a mouth full of her cousin's cock as she stroked and sucked.

Then I told her, "Suck my balls, baby! As we sucked and licked each other to near climax I told her to get off and flipped her over on her back.

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She seemed a little woozy and I knew the face she was making - she had to puke! I quickly helped her up and led her to the bathroom toilet where she went down on her knees and was sick. In my trance I saw another opportunity literally right in front of me I regret admitting that I did what I did but I lowered myself to my knees and positioned myself whilst holding my saliva lubricated cock.

I pulled my skin back and placed my swollen purple head directly on her asshole. The sight was unbelievable! I knew what I was doing and I felt a sense of victory as I watched my penis push into my cousin's asshole.

My Cousin Vinny (1/5) Movie CLIP - The Wrong Idea (1992) HD

It was a fantasy I got the chance to live. There I was on my knees in a bathroom with my cock up my female cousin's ass. It took some effort but it broke the ring and entered with ease.

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She was relaxed and semi-aware of what was occurring. I pushed in, watched it slip almost out, pushed in harder and watched it slip almost out again.

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The tiny hairs around her asshole were sticking to my shaft as the sweat and saliva were plenty lubrication. My balls gently slapped against her hanging pussy lips as I fucked my cousin's butt hole. Enjoying the sin of sins, the ultimate taboo, I felt my orgasm build stronger than I had ever felt before and as I realized what I was doing I erupted so hard I almost blacked out!

I emptied my seed into her bowels and stayed there for what seemed like 10 minutes, just savoring my dream come true.

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