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Anal sex tops the "must try" list for many guysbut it's not exactly up there for most women. We asked a few seasoned sex experts why men are so fascinated by the idea of getting into our back doors. Here's what they revealed. Throughout history, anal has been known as a sexual forbidden fruit of sorts. This off-limits factor makes it especially appealing to men, says award-winning erotica author Darren Michaels.

My ex-girlfriend and I tried it one afternoon just for the hell of it.

Jul 23, Many women ask themselves and their friends, "Why do men like anal sex?" and as it turns out, this kinky sexual activity is only getting more popular, so here's what it really means when guys. May 12, Often, men like anal if they enjoy being dominant. And if you like to be submissive, anal sex is definitely something you should try. Of course, a dominant woman might not be into anal sex for this exact reason! You might need to try new positions to get comfortable with anal sex . Dec 13, Anal sex tops the "must try" list for many guys but it's not exactly up there for most women. We asked a few seasoned sex experts why men .

She'd actually lured me away from the college football game we were at with a promise that we could try anal if we left at halftime, which seemed like an okay deal to me. There wasn't really anything too special about it, to be honest, and she certainly wasn't enjoying it, though that was probably due to lack of proper preparation and lubrication. I had not.

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But if a girl seemed really into it and wanted me to try it, I would. We asked guys what really turns them on.

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Find out what they had to say:. Sometimes you just want more of everything she has. The poop thing is a real risk.

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The thought still makes me shudder. I mean, butt.

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I don't know what we're talking about anymore. It's considered taboo without being weird.

Jun 01, It happens when a man puts his penis into another person's anus. Some men and women enjoy anal sex, and others do not. About four out of 10 people have tried anal intercourse. Other kinds of anal sex include touching the anus with hands, fingers, or the mouth. Like ublueridgehomefashionsinc.comotected vaginal sex, ublueridgehomefashionsinc.comotected anal sex is high-risk for many sexually Author: Emily Pisacreta. Many, many guys like anal play - and not all of them are gay or bi. All asses feel the same, regardless of your sexual orientation, which means they can all receive the same pleasure. There are. Apr 17, Do men really think of anal sex as the holy grail of bedroom activities? If you pay attention to pop culture, it certainly seems like it: Take that "accidental anal" episode of The Mindy.

Anal sex is kind of like when your straight-laced mom cuts loose and has two margaritas on vacation. It's not that big of a deal; you're not putting on leather gimp suits or whipping each other during sex.

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But it feels naughty. It's just raunchy enough without being out of hand.

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Also, now you'll always think of your mom drinking margaritas during anal sex. Not everyone has been there, kind of like Mount Everest.

Why Straight Men Love Pegging

No, it doesn't matter how many people you slept with, but you probably didn't have butt sex with all of those people.

So it's just nice to think that if your vagina is the club, your butt is the VIP area.

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Which doesn't make much sense, I know. It's not like people are holding annual meetings or belong to a secret club because they've been to your ass.

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It's just nice knowing that, if we ever had to compare notes, we've got a bit of an edge. It's like eating escargot or caviar: a status symbol. You know how caviar is gross and rich people eat it just because it's expensive?

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Sometimes guys just want to do it just because it's elitist and not for any other reason. I don't know if everyone necessarily wants to eat escargot or caviar as much as they want to be able to tell other people they ate escargot or caviar.

Some guys don't even love the idea of anal sex, but it's worth the extra cleanup to be able to say they've done it.

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