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Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn't produce natural lubricants during sex. That means you're going to have to lube up if you plan on sticking anything inside your or your partner's behind. Typically for anal sex involving a penis as opposed to, say, pegging , you want to use thicker lube that doesn't require constant reapplication, explains Alicia Sinclair, founder of sex toy brand b-Vibe. Most people find that they prefer a thicker lubricant for anal play because it gives some extra cushion to protect delicate body parts. A warning about silicone-based lubes: You can't use 'em on sex toys.

Don't think that you can jump straight to a butt plug or penis - it takes some time. So, what lube should I use when giving an anal massage or if I'm trying solo anal fingering? Try something as simple as coconut love oil by Woo More Play. It's versatile, easy to find, and it's perfect for anal play.

Since this is a natural oil, it can damage and break latex condoms. It's best to use coconut oil or almond oil when you are in a monogamous relationship and don't have to worry about STIs - when condoms aren't an issue.

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Remember to keep your fingers trimmed and clean to avoid damaging the sensitive skin in and around the anus. Go slow and slippery. Silicone-based lubes last significantly longer than water-based ones. We know what you're thinking, and no. Flavored lubes are on the market and appeal to couples because sometimes lube doesn't taste all that appetizing, and if you're going to put your mouth down there, you might as well have it taste like strawberries.

Having Vaginal or Anal Intercourse? Let's Talk About Your Lube!

Using a water-based anal lube will excite your taste buds and appetite for sensual pleasure. Plus, there are no added sugars or artificial sweeteners which makes this anal lube collection a guilt-free, yummy addition to bedroom play.

So use a high-quality, water-based lubricant instead.

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Oil-based lubes like almond, coconut, and even olive oil cannot be used with latex, elastomer, rubber and silicone toys. Metal, vinyl, plastic, and wood toys are good to go in all lube departments.

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So, what lube should I use for anal toys? We recommend using a thick, high viscosity water-based lube for your butt plug or prostate massager.

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It's like when you go to the dentist, and they numb your mouth. Yeah, it doesn't hurt at the time but what happens the next day? If you don't spend the right time to prep for anal, and it's totally numb, and your partner is going at it, you're going to have a pretty irritated butt for a bit. This is why we highly, highly discourage the use of numbing creams.

You want to feel what's going on. Most people find that they prefer a thicker lubricant for anal play because it gives some extra cushion to protect delicate body parts. Look for a lubricant like System JO H2O Jelly that has a gel consistency, rather than the thinner liquids that are often preferred for vaginas. However, it's oil-based, meaning it's not safe to use with latex and most other condoms.

There's nothing special about Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant. It's your run-of-the-mill anal sex lube. That said, it's often cheaper than other lubes, and it always gets the job done.

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It's even better to use if you want to put a little something more up inside there. A hybrid lube that's both water and silicone-based, Sliquid Naturals Silk can still be used on most toys.

Most of the other lubes on the list are solely silicone-based, and for that reason, not to be used in conjunction with toys. That's why Sliquid is ideal for pegging or any anal play that involves toys. Another hybrid lube, Spunk looks like semen, which could be a turn on if you're into that.

Although men derive more pleasure from anal sex due to the location of their prostate gland, both men and women have the same anal tissue, so any anal lube will work equally well for both sexes. Although some lubes are marketed as "gay lubes" or "anal lubricant for . Apr 01, While your vagina self-lubricates, your anus doesn't, which means it's more important than ever to make sure you've got good lube prepared before diving in. Anal play sans lube . Oct 11, Coconut oil is a great choice for anal, especially for anyone looking for a safe all- natural lube option. Unlike baby oil or Vaseline, which will dry out and irritate the anal tissue, coconut oil.

It's neither sticky nor tacky due to being a hybrid. And after use, it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

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Undoubtedly one of the, if not the thinnest silicone lube on the market, this product has the consistency of water-based lubricant, but lasts the same duration as a silicone-based lubricant. It also feels like you're not wearing lube but in a good way-not a painful way. This is yet another fisting cream, like Invade, that is obviously very good for anal sex.

After all, as Slam Dunk advertises, it is "the ultimate penetrating cream. For partners who may have had uncomfortable experiences in the past experimenting with anal play, this lube will be a game-changer.

Oil-based lubes are incredible for anal play because of how slippery they get and the thick barrier they create, which can make sex and stimulation more pleasurable.

Lube for anal

Boy Butter Original Formula is the gold standard for oil-based lubes for anal because it's specially formulated to last as long as a silicone lube but it's also not going to stain your sheets which is a big risk ordinarily with oil. It's formulated with a mix of coconut oil, silicone, and other vegetable oils, and basically looks like a tub of butter and has the same consistency, until it starts to melt.

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This lube also washes off easily with water and while it's not compatible with latex condoms, it can be great for other types of anal play, like manual stimulation. This water-based lube from Elbow Grease is slippery, long-lasting, and doesn't dry out as readily as some other water-based lubes can, which is a major factor to consider when choosing a water-based lube over oil or silicone.

Plus, its thick consistency makes it a solid option for anal sex, since it provides an additional buffer against friction. It also gets rave reviews: "Best lube I've used in a long time," wrote one Amazon user. If you're looking for a good silicone lubricant that'll still give you plenty of bang for your buck, this lube from Swiss Navy is an all-around terrific pick.

How to Choose the Best Anal Lube

Made from pure silicone and pH-balanced so it's soft on skin, this lube is super slick and offers exceptional glide. It's also compatible with latex and polyisoprene condoms, so you can have plenty of fun while also staying safe, too. Hybrid lubes give you some of the best qualities of water and silicone, and in the case of Sliquid Naturals Silkthat's definitely what you're getting. This vegan-friendly lube is formulated with purified water and silicone, so it offers that long-lasting slickness you love with silicone while offering more of the natural feeling of water.

Because it has such a milky, cream-like consistency, this makes for an excellent lube for any kind of anal penetration. Some lubes are great for beginners, but this long-lasting silicone lube from Gun Oil is an excellent choice if anal sex is a regular part of your bedroom routine.

It's formulated with vitamin E and aloe vera, which helps to protect skin and promote natural healing from small tears, which can definitely happen with anal.

Jan 14, Oil-Based Anal Lube Oils such as coconut or almond oil are excellent for anal play, but not if you're using latex condoms. Oils will make condoms break in about 30 seconds, so if you use them, be sure to go with a different option. Sep 13, "Silicone lube is one of the best lubes for anal because it contains dimethicone, dimethiconol, and cyclomethicone," she explains. "This creates a . Jul 28, Silicone is usually considered the best lube for anal sex because it's hypoallergenic, has a higher viscosity (meaning it's more slippery), and helps minimize heat and Shayna Murphy.
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